Feb. 15th, 2012

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- the hell happened to the D-Comm?

I don't see your D-Reader anywhere either...

Hn. This is Daimon Suguru, and I've found myself somehow transported to Goc Desert. Any DATS agents who can see this, please report in.

.. Wait a minute. That can't be right.

Can anyone verify what day it is?!
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--on this thing, I can't figure it out!

Where are we...have to find...has this been recording this entire time?

Not sure where we are, can't think...head hurts. Whoever's there...

((OOC note: Just letting you guys know he's passed out not long after this got posted, so he won't reply to you...but feel free to say something anyway. His transmission came from roughly around Albion, and he's crumpled over carrying Kudamon on a walking trail.))
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[The camera comes on to show... nothing. Sadamitsu is talking.]

-get back here?

I do not know. I have no memory of our return.

Whatever. I gotta check on-

[There's the sound of Junk opening up and a hallway of the Hyperion fades into view. The D-Comm drops to the floor, flipping over to show Sadamitsu stagger and drop Junk. Blood's running down his face and is soaking through his clothes in places. He wobbles once and collapses unconscious on the floor. Junk's voice comes through the D-Comm.]

"Medical emergency in the Hyperion, second floor corridor. Medical emergency in the Hyperion, second floor corridor."


Feb. 15th, 2012 01:23 am
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Oh... It's working.

[haa, learning the new D-comm set up wasn't too hard, now to get to the point.]

Is everyone alright? That was... worrying, also now I'm no longer in Axoryi and I think the calendar is wrong too?


Feb. 15th, 2012 01:28 am
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[At first, there is just an extreme close-up of a feline-like nose, some orange fur peeking on the outskirts.]

--'nd I think this is what I press on this--

Firestar-sama, look, I think you got it!

Hm? Oh, I think I have, hold on, I'm-- [The nose retreats, as Firestar steps back. The video broadcast points up diagonally; it is likely he has propped up the D-Comm 2.0 against something. Given the sight of the trees in the background, it appears he is in Tetha Park.] There. That must be better. If this is anything like the D-Comm, that was rather close.

Hello, Digital World. I appear to have been out for a very long time...and given that Tetha appeared to be falling apart only moments ago, I assume something very troubling has happened. [His eyes narrow; at this point, Thundermane, a Leormon, peeks his head into view, only slightly off to the right of the D-Comm's range of view.]

Is everyone okay? It's been-- it's been months since I was unfrozen! Coronamon-kun, Kazu--

Hold, Thundermane. [Firestar's tail swings in front of Thundermane's nose and he stops talking.] ...If anyone could inform me of...of what in StarClan's good name has happened in the last few seasons-- in the last few days. Please. And if any Clan cats are still here... Or Scourge-- [His upper lip curls for a moment, and then he spits quickly, his nose wrinkling and his head shaking before his paw -- the pad, rough and scarred, visible to the camera for a moment -- reaches and turns off the video.]


Feb. 15th, 2012 01:42 am
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If you are bleeding, dying, and just otherwise got your ass kicked or maybe had a building dropped on your head, you probably need some help. Local hospitals - sure, that's great. But if you're a, y'know, human you might want to consider avenues of people who actually have the same physiology.

I will certainly regret this in the morning, but here.

[Coordinates of closest lightpost to DATS Sanctity HQ]

Come in, and maybe you'll get a lollipop for your troubles.

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Oh, good.

Still alive.


Huh. Such an inconvenient situation I have found myself in, though.

I really am ill suited for heroism, it'd seem~

EDIT - Wait, now.

I missed Valentine's Day!

I told you all, before. Yggdrasil DOES love me.


Feb. 15th, 2012 07:11 am
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This is Sonicheart.

I... I just need someone to help me fact check. I hope.

Last thing I remember, I was trying to calm riots in Neon City. Earthquakes everywhere...

... Now I'm suddenly in Tetha, I'm seeing the date's moved an entire week... Small blessing, missing Valentine's Day...

... And, uh, yeah. Someone have an idea as to what happened?


Feb. 15th, 2012 10:04 am
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... They're awake.


I said. They're. AWAKE.

... Oh shit. Oh shit! What do we do?!


What does your ex-girlfriend have to do with this?!

Not THAT Witchmon! The one in scheduling! She said Yggdrasil wasn't going to unfreeze them for another day!

Oh. She's cute.


Um. Well.

[video feed opens, showing a looping of Keramon chewing on Yggdrasil's tree form, with the caption for "TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - PLEASE STAND BY"]

((expect a post from these guys later today that's more helpful))


Feb. 15th, 2012 11:49 am
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So one minute I was in Axoryi tryin' to get to high ground while the city flooded, an' the next I'm standin' in the middle of a field with bee digimon flyin' around. What the hell just happened?
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Okay, seriously? What happened to Draco Island? How'd we end up in Asuka? And- hey, you okay Hotaru?

[hissing as she moves the wrong way against an injury] I'll be fine, I think. It's not as bad as it looks. I've had worse before. Where was it you said we were again?

Asuka. Don't ask me how we got here, though. But it's gonna be a long trek back to Axyori.
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Okay, so.

Wizardmon is busy nursing a headwound, so it comes down to me to explain this.

Letting Chaosmon out broke the world.

But you knew that already. Sigh. Anyway, after the big flying eldritch people eater got taken down, Yggdrasil data froze the lot of you. For a week. There were errors that had to be corrected. Things to put back.

Everything that was destroyed has been repaired. Except for Draco Island. That went down with Chaosmon. There's no way of retrieving the area data from him. The same goes for Breakdramon and anything else he absorbed.

It's all gone. Forever.

There's some good news, however.

You've all noticed the D-Comms are changed. Yggdrasil saw fit to incorporate an upgrade. You can read about the new features here.

Second of all... the D-Comm is no longer associated with evolution. You might have all noticed you all have a second device. Some of you might have noticed some of you have different devices from others.

You've all been separated into classes. Surprise! Some of you can still use Digi-Soul. Some of you can't. Some of you can do things you've never seen before. Basic information is here.

Also... if you're all wondering why you're in a place you weren't last... sorry about that. Not really anything we can do. Find a lightpost. Use it. All of you should have data to get somewhere else by now.

So yeah. You're all probably confused and I dumped a load of information on you.

You may return to frothing in bewilderment.

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Feb. 15th, 2012 03:27 pm


Feb. 15th, 2012 06:17 pm
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The bad stuffs over right? Does that mean things will stop being so scary?

And Coco's gotta get fixed. She got hurt trying to keep the scary stuff away. [Sad face. Guys, her partner is back in babyform and unconscious not waking up.]

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Feb. 15th, 2012 08:44 pm
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[ he obviously isn't happy, even if he understands why it's best to take some backup with. ]

A friend of mine is somewhere in the Graveyard. I have every intention of going there and getting her out, but it's been recommended that I take some backup, just in case.

Is there anybody out there who is willing and able to do so?

[ he and Guilmon are going even if nobody responds. but he won't say that. ]
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I'm free, at last. My friends are with me, too, at that.

King Bowser, I owe you and your forces a favor. Contact me as you wish.

The same goes to Doctor Wily and associates.

Of course, I would suggest this to DATS...

Watch your backs. The Woolen Spider will hunt you down. Perhaps you will still be granted the mercy of the Truth... Perhaps not.

[Locked to Dr. Finitevus]

My apologies for my... Significant delays.

I presume you remain interested in collaborating?

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Feb. 15th, 2012 09:50 pm
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--So then this button I just pressed should let us post with video, right?

-- It should. Try pressing it to see if it works. I should be able to check mine to see if it post video.

I just pressed it. Is it on? [ her eyes are coming closer to the video feed ... and then away. ] I think it's on.

[Takeru laughs a bit.] Yeah, it's on.

So, uh ... wow, this thing got complicated, didn't it? [ laughing a little, sheepishly. ] Um ... maybe I should see if I can find Masaru-niichan ... Excuse me! Digital World! I'm looking for Daimon Masaru! And anyone else who I know and love and who I would love to know is safe. [ looks to Takeru ] Anyone you want to shout out to?

[Takeru smiled.] Yeah, there is. [He moves a bit closer to Chika.] If anyone knows how Noguchi Yuka, Takenouchi Sora, Suzumiya Haruhi, or Yagami Taichi are doing or where they are, please let us know!

And Mama, Daddy, once again, Takeru-kun and I are all right and in Asuka! [ looks back to Takeru ] Is that it? I think that's it ...

Almost. Anyone else in the DATS General Division, send a message to my D-Comm to let me know where you are. [He smiles.] Okay, now that's it.

Okay. I guess now we just wait for responses or something? [ she looks fidgety ] .... I was never any good at waiting.

[Takeru just laughs, before pulling her over into a hug.] Don't worry, we'll get an answer soon enough.

[ laughs a little and moves a bit closer to him ] I guess.

( ooc: joint comm post between Chika and Takeru! Responses will come from both [personal profile] piyomonpinked and [personal profile] crestofhope. )



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