Feb. 17th, 2012


Feb. 17th, 2012 12:52 am
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-esting, testing...


Okay. There we go.

If anyone can hear this, where the hell am I?!

[ooc - Miki here is not the Miki anyone would have known. Namely, she is rebooted from the previous version played since ... well, forever. All she knows is up to the end of Savers, Yggdrasil going boom, and Masaru taking a hike into the Digital World. COMMENCE CONFUSION.]
badluckbabe: (Frown: Face + Palm = OTP)
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Well, I guess we won then. Cake and punch for everyone.

Lily, Hana, everyone that I actually care about? Lemme know you're still out there. I wound up in a hot spring and I'm hoofing it back to Tetha.


You miss being Tiger Vespermon don't you?

A little my Queen.

You're cuter this way. And you wouldn't fit in the shop.

Thank you.
eatatjoesaura: (listening...boose)
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That worked out pretty well all things considered.

Yeah, you just got decapitated again.

Yeah but the building is still in one piece, and I think all our tenants survived. Which is why I'm calling. Just making sure everyone from our beloved Hyperion is OK. I'll be in the bar if anyone needs to talk or is having problems.

You're surprisingly calm considering how weird this all is.

I'm a talking head sipping a mamosa through a curly straw, weird is what I do baby.



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