Feb. 27th, 2012


Feb. 27th, 2012 01:46 am
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Well, this is interesting.

Gilder, it would seem my reawakening has had me take leave of the Claudia. Do not yet worry about a pick up, as I have run into something curious.

It requires... investigation, I suppose you could say.
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Morning -static-!

[the video is, for the moment, of the ceiling of the DATS medical wing. the exact ceiling of the room that Kyon has been in for the time since 15th till well... now.

Of course it's going to go all shakey cam as Neemon is seen on screen briefly as the digimon tosses it over to the now awake Kyon.

And it ends up camera down on the bed, so enjoy some blackness before it actually gets picked up by Kyon. He looks... better, tired as hell but at least he's not dead!]

Uh... Hey? [he sounds a little out of it] Just... what happened?

[Because he knows to not ask Neemon, he knows.]
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I have been so busy lately, it escaped me to ask this. However, my partner was rather distressed about something after the battle with Chaosmon.

Would anyone who had a Duftmon like to speak up?

Wormmon did not enjoy being randomly groped in the midst of battle when she was Lotusmon.



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