Mar. 29th, 2012

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Hello every pony! ...Oh no that’s not quite right, not everyone here is a pony! Hmm...there must be something totally inclusive... Aha!

Hello everyone! There! Much better!

For those I have yet to meet I’m Rarity, a unicorn from Equestria. Now, back home I run a business and I make the most fabulous dresses and gowns for ponies, and I love doing it! I would love to set up my own business here until the time which this...tree god... allows us to return home. Of course, there is an issue here. Most of the creatures that live here, whether they’re from this place or from another, are shaped much differently than any pony I’ve seen and as such garments must be cut and created very differently. So, I’ve found a wonderful solution! I make you a dress, shirt, jacket, whatever garment you wish, and I get practice sewing for these new shapes of bodies! Of course I would feel absolutely dreadful charging while I’m still learning, so all the work I do will be done for free! I will of course have to charge for materials, but I know we can figure something out that works for every pony’s ...I’m terribly sorry, habit ... Everyones budget.

Now, who would love a wonderful new outfit? Come now, don’t be shy...

[OOC: Al and I have agreed to offscreen Big Mac bringing Rarity to Tetha. I'm extremely busy with con stuff so replies will be slow, but I'll try and do what I can.]
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I am in need of…a bit of assistance.

I’ve left my system, somehow, and while as fascinating as it is to see the user world I’ve…never left the grid. Noone has, and I would be lying if I stated I wasn’t unsure nor nervous of the potential repercussions. Now, it appears users can contact each other through these devices, is it possible that someone knows of a user Leon? Or Sora, Donald and Goofy? Any help is greatly appreciated.

End of line.
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[The video comes on to show a spiky brown haired boy on the screen. His blue eyes stare at the screen for a moment and tilts his head.]

Is this thing on? Hellooooooo?!

[He gives the D-Comm a shake before smiling.]


[He waits for a moment, as if he is expecting a reply right there.]

Tron? Are you in this thing? Donald?! Goofy?! Did you get dragged here too? Let me know okay? I made a new friend!

[The camera moves to a small green monkey that just stares up at the screen for a moment before Sora brings it back to him.]

Let me know where you guys are okay? We need to find the keyhole and get to the next world!

[And the camera cuts out.]
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[There's a very... interesting looking young man on the network tonight, standing with a Black Guilmon next to him. They're fiddling with the D-Comm, and arguing about it.]

--know what I’m doing, I’m not completely incompetent.

No, just mostly.

Would it kill you be a little nicer to me, Iwa? You’re the one who said we’re partners.

... it’s on.

What? … oh. Uh.

[He steps back a ways, making his odd clothing and large weapon in his hand easier to see. He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.]

My name is Terra. I’m looking for some people. Their names are Aqua and Ventus-- well, Ven. He goes by Ven. They might be in trouble... injured... if they're here, I really need to find them...

Do you always ramble like this?

… [ a sharp sigh ] I need to find them. They might be in trouble. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

[ before any more bickering can be heard, Terra moves closer and shuts the comm off ]



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