May. 15th, 2012

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Max-- What!

I was hungry!

You coulda asked first! All-- those were for the customers!

Okay. Right. Clean it up Max. I mean it. And no more snacking. I gotta go make sommore.


May. 15th, 2012 04:48 pm
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[video opens with Leormon's face, holding the D-Comm in front of him with his paws]

Oh my god, you all have to see this!

Leormon, don't!

[camera swings around, showing Suguru... well, he's very short now, very cartoony, and speaking in a high pitched voice]

HAHAHAHAHA! Suguru's fun-sized!

enemyofallwholive: (Enemy of All Who Live)
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[The sound of an earth shattering explosion, and screams.]


I love the sound of fleeing bandits, yelling in terror in the evening.

01 | video

May. 15th, 2012 11:24 pm
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[ THERE IS A TINY AKIRA ON THE SCREEN, GUYS. A tiny Akira who is actually standing on a chair to reach his D-Comm ...

... oh, by the way, his clothes are way too big for him now. The shirt he usually wears to bed? Yeah, it's half-hanging off of his shoulder right now. ]

Ahh, Kaichou .... I can still come into work today, I just might need a little bit of help reaching, well ... everything.

[ Oh, it's exactly like Akira not to be too unfazed by his sudden tiny appearance. He can still do all the things, for he is Ijyuin Akira! :3 ]

Oh my goodness, isn't he just the cutest thing right now?!

Yes! Ahh, sister, our tamer is just so tiny and adorable!

.... [ sheepish smile goes here at all the gushing from his partners. ]

01 | audio

May. 15th, 2012 11:32 pm
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[ Faith sounds kinda ... uncharacteristically sad right now. But she needs to make this known. ]

T'all the friends my little Haileybeth might've made durin' her time here in this world ... it looks like she's gone back home.

[ She takes a deep breath, then lets it back out. ]

... This'll be good fer her. This ain't no place fer a baby. As sad as I am t'see my Hail go, I think it's prolly fer the best.

[ That said, she's going to turn the feed off now. ]
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[The audio comes in the middle of someone swearing repeatedly in a high-pitched voice.]

At least you finished getting dressed before it happened?

That ain't the point! I'm tiny!

Yeah, you are. ...This is weird having you the same height as me, Aniki.


Actually, I think I'm a bit taller.


[There's the sound of Kulon yelling in fright and some scampering sounds before the D-Comm turns off.]
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[ There's a song playing on the networks today. Sai seems to have recovered well over the past several months, and didn't seem to be to be in any danger of shutting down completely anymore. He was still feeling the emotional hit to all of it, though, despite how he tried not to show it around anyone, especially Ritsu or any of his family.

Actually, this song right here is how he gets over it. ]

Soundless Voice )

[ After part of the song is over, Sai takes a much unneeded breath and remains where he is, leaning against the balcony of he and Ritsu's room in the Hyperion. His D-Comm, sitting on a nearby table on the balcony porch, continues to record ... not that he notices it at all. ]



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