May. 24th, 2012

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[Remember that little youkai that was running around during the chibi virus?

She's normal sized again, and rolling around on the ground of her apartment in very obvious pain, hands to her stomach. She has no idea her comm is on.]

Aaaauuugh... what did I eat? My stomach huuuuurts... Konahaaaaaaa where are youuuu... ?

[Boko-chan comes running in to view, shaking her tamer with her little arms]

Toko... ? Toko, what's wrong?!

I don't knoooow... [groans] ... where's Konoha... ?

I-I don't-- Konohaaaaa! H-hang on, Toko... I'm sure we can help you some how...

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[The video comes on to the face of a young woman in her late twenties/early thirties with bright blue eyes and dark blonde hair. To anyone who knows Quatre, she might actually look a tiny bit familiar, but it’s sort of a ‘blink and you miss it’ familiarity.

She’s staring at the video feed curiously, looking up and down several times as she presses buttons on the comm, testing things out. Amazingly it only takes her a second to realize it’s recording, and she smiles somewhat sheepishly before setting it down, getting a Dorumon in the screen. He looks bored. Very bored. He’s just fiddling with his Rise Bracer.]

So this is recording to the network, correct?

[If she’s asking her digimon, he doesn’t answer, and she seems to assume that’s the case.]

I’m Dr. Irea Winner. I’ve just arrived here, and I was hoping for some assistance. My Dorumon partner has explained quite a bit to me but he mentioned... needing a place to live... I still think you need a name I can call you by...

Yeah, well, that’s not my problem.

Mnn... but it is a problem... so...
Ah, I know! Tenyen.

... Tenyen?


[Irea smiles brightly, looking perfectly content with this. “Tenyen” blinks, stares, then shrugs and goes back to fiddling with his Rise Bracer. Irea turns back to her video.]

Anyway, as I was saying, any help finding a place to live or even stay for the night would be very welcome. Thank you.

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[The video comes on to show a skatepark in local Neon City. Other digimon and tamer skaters and skateboarders can be seen but this D-Comm is focusing on an uninhabited half-pipe. That's when someone appears out of nowhere. He zooms onto the half-pipe and rides up one end, pulling of a hand stand before riding back down to preform a tail stall, catching the tail of his board on the edge of the pipe. He holds it for a bit before going back down, riding up the other end and turns in the air. He goes back and forth a few more times, catching some serious air before preforming a full 540 degree turn before coming down and exiting the pipe.

He comes to a stop right in front of the D-Comm and takes off his helmet, exposing his black and green hair, dark eyes, and bright smile. He winks at the camera and runs a hand through his messy hair.]

Yo! My names Jake Long and I'm in the heezie Digital World! My partner Fu-mon's been telling me about this place. It's off the hook! Anyone know where a player can find a place to stay though? I kinda need a place to crash. And girls, I'm single. [He wiggles his eyebrows at the camera. There's an audible groan from off-screen before the camera just cuts out.]
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[ all you see on your screen is the following. ]


[ only, it's just Miku. ignore all of the others in that video, it's just a very tiny Miku, singing and dancing on the screen.


( ooc: We actually have a plot planned out for Miku that will involve bringing her back home from, but as of the time the chibi virus started, she would have been home safe and sound. :] )



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