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[Audio || Locked to the Syndicate, it's afffiliates, and Fini's allies.]

I am sure many of you have seen the declaration that was sent forth earlier today by one of the Area Leaders of this world; Omegamon. He has declared war on all he sees as being aligned with Darkness. He believes himself judge of us all, Tamer and Digimon alike, and will purge us from this world. We cannot simply allow this to stand. We mustn't. If he is seeking to ban together his own forces, we must do the same.

It is time to bolster our numbers. We mustn't allow this threat to grow any stronger than it already is. Watching the responses pour in, I see some possible allies to be made in the upcoming struggle. Possibly even some within DATS itself.
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... Within DATS?

Interesting. Most interesting indeed.
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Might I inquire as to your scheme, and where I might be able to contribute? In person, of course.
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You know me. Give me orders, and I'll follow them through.
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Easy enough. And sure, I can keep it down low for now.
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Hey, the sooner you guys want to get him out of my hair, the better.

We've got a tentative non-aggression pact at the moment that he's going to throw in the garbage the second he thinks he can get away with it. My forces are better armed than his, but he likes leading his troops personally, and NOTHING I've got is going to stand up to an assault led by Omegamon personally.

And you all would do well to remember that. My army had a front row seat as he walked right through the Dark Area into the Capitol, almost unhindered.
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If any of you can get one of those super weapons that was used on Chaosmon, be my guest.

In the meantime, my Chron Digizoid armory is being tactically deployed to secure my territory.
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I like him!

From one genocidal maniac to another, I really respect what he's done.
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Of course he is.

Every single creature in this world is our enemy, doctor. Or mine, at least.

Present company excluded, of course.