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second quest [Video]

[The video clicks on to show Lancelot standing in Neon City park, his armor on and his sword in hand. He stares at the camera through his helmet and speaks.]

I am seeking those to practice my skills against. However I wish for nothing to be restrained. We fight with real swords, armor, and our power. I need people who wish to test their might against a Knight of the Round Table. With the announcement of the Paladin, I believe now is the time to hone one's skills.

If you believe you are worthy, come to his location. Sir Rorke.

[And on cue, a location marker is attached.]


[Locked to Mordred.]

Your training, I am increasing it. Your partner is one of darkness yet I sense no evil within it. You will train with me days and nights. Any free moment must be spent on this endeavor. Once I am finished here, come find me and we shall train. That is an order.

[Lock ends.]

Come. I await my challengers.
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I'll be there, Sir Lancelot. Was going to ask in an increase in my training because of this.

It feels wrong.
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I will.

May we watch your matches?
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It is. I want to learn all I can.
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Leaving now.
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I am always willing to test my steel against a formidable foe. In a world like this constant vigilance is required to keep a razor sharp edge on your skills.
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I don't usually go full-power for practice, but after that I probably should. We can have our rematch there.

[There's another message a minute later.]

Can you fly?
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I'll see you there, then.
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Huh? Okay. I'll bring him.

Huh? Aniki, wait a-

[Connection terminated]
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I've been looking for someone to get some practice with. Though I'm still fairly new when it comes to bladed weapons.
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Alright, thank you very much.