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[locked from Omegamon and his ilk]

Ay, it looks like things are getting all serious around here once more. It's unnerving.

[And he mumbles, anyone really listening will hear the words "Ivan you better pay me more if things go south" and some curses but that's about it.]

So... who around here is gonna be stupid enough to go after Lord Crazypants WannabeHero?
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It might be stupid, but someone has to stop him.
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Letting him wipe out a bunch of people isn't any better.
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But maybe he'd more willing to listen to reason if it wasn't just over the comms.
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Well, no, I've never had to deal with this particular situation before. But I'm not going to give up on him any more than I would on those he wishes to wipe out.
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I'm... sorry if I've brought up a touchy subject for you. But I still have to try.
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I'd wish you luck on not seeing too many other people being idiots, but I think I'll have a better chance if there's more with the same idea.
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Sometimes it takes a bunch of hardheaded idiots to get things done. And then sometimes it takes those with more self-preservation to reel us back in before we get too far in over our heads.
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Are you volunteering to go into a region of Virus Buster control for a job?
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I will leave that decision up to the commanders.
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...I really hate to say this.

But at what point did we start agreeing on things?
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Can never be too certain on that.
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You'd be right.

Guess even you're not that far out of it.
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I also haven't really seen you act quite like that with regards to those sorts of maniacs before.

Maybe you can learn a thing or two, after all.
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Go with that.
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I see your point, Dynamo, but none of this sits well with me...