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Second Upgrade [Audio/Locked to Bowser]

King Bowser Koopa,

I hear you're in need of willing fighters for your army. My name's Ratchet and I work as a mercenary in times of, usually, galactic...unrest. I was wondering if we could talk about me providing you with my services. I have all my own weapons and ammo and an impressive resume if you need to see it.

[Attached: One resume with summaries of past adventures and mentions of him being in a hit movie once.]

What do you say? Shall we talk business?
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Oh ho, is that right?

And so soon after Omegamon's gloating, too. I'd almost think there were plotting going on behind my back.

But, let's take a look at your resume...

You looking for action, kiddo?
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You know, I think I've heard of you.

One of Sony's, aren't you?


All right. You've piqued my interest. At least to the point where I want to see how long you'll last before you turn around and try to knock me off the throne.

Come to Castle. Bring your partner.
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You can have a location marker and a long hike. Recruits don't get access to the Castle Lightpost until they're proven.

[Attached: Dead Zone Lightpost]

Head west from there. You'll find us.