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second decree [Video]

[The camera comes on to show Elias sitting on a couch in Sonic's living room. He looks to the camera and adjusts his coat.]

I am not sure how to word this so I'll be blunt. I am searching for employment. I need to be able to fend and provide for myself. I am able to do physical labor and I am smart. I also learn quickly and I'm quick on my feet. I'm not really sure about what kind of job I'm looking for, however.

If anyone has an opening in their business I wish to speak with you, if you have the time. And if anyone has any recommendations, that would also be very appreciated. Thank you.

[He reaches for the D-Comm and switches it off.]
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[Geoffrey eyes this before deciding to respond in text]

Should you be lowering yourself like that now?
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That's your problem I suppose.
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Re: text

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Really? Enlighten me as to how you begging for a job is my problem?
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Re: text

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Did you bother looking for one before asking? I'm sure its not that hard to find a help wanted sign.
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Wow, that's sort of depressing.
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Speaking as an employer, it might help to mention what previous work experience you have.
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Gonna echo Miss Jinx. I've certainly got a couple of positions I can fill, but there's no sense in trying to fit a square peg in a round hole...

Where do your skills lie?
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A woodsmen huh? How are you with plants? Grass and flowers and hedges and things?
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Fantastic, I just lost my groundskeeper. He was eaten by a giant angry flower hiding on my golf course.

Come in for an interview. If I like you and you can get rid of the monster flower you can have the job and a room in my hotel to go with.

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