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[Locked to Haku, Encrypted heavily]

Yowane Haku, I need your assistance.

More importantly, I need your clandestine assistance. Before I ask of you what I intend to ask of you - something that will not put you or anyone else at any known risk as long as it remains a secret, and is easily within what I know you're capable of - I need your absolute promise that it remains a secret.

Most specifically, that it remains a secret from DATS - it is imperative that they have plausible deniability for this.
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... alright. What is it?
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I see...

[Haku sits back in her chair, letting out a wary sigh]

I'm already involved in this mess... there's little I can do, however Quare, Dart and I are attempting to work outside of DATS to give refugees of the Dark Area a safe place to go.

I can understand your need for anonymity, given what I'm already doing.

[she pauses, looking the armor over from her side of the comm]

It might take a bit, but I'll see what I can do for you.
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Well... now that Reiko Hiy-- ... I'm sorry, Reiko Edwards has returned, I can ask for permission to use her garage. Thankfully she's unaffiliated with anyone and... well... she's a friend who owes me a few favors as it is.
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Even if all I can do is small things like this, it's still doing something.

I'll meet you there in an hour, alright?