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second boomerang | video | locked from Omegamon/hostiles/Azula | Backdate: June 5th

Hey. Hi. Uh.

[Sokka waves, a bandage on his arm. He looks much better than he was a while ago when his shop burned down, and where he's at, it looks like he's gotten a new place of business.]

I saw that post on the network... the one from Omegamon? Yeah. I don't like it... whole thing just sounds bad. Like. "Fire Lord Ozai taking over the world" bad. I heard some people are trying to help but uh...

[he holds up his bandaged arm a little higher]

I can still work, but my sword is hung up until I'm better...


... anyone need new weapons? Or repaired ones? I wanna help, but this is pretty much all I can do.
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How well do your blades stand up to stress?

Because I break swords regularly. Like... every time I fight.
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Every time.

I've yet to find a sword that can handle being wielded by me...

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Can you craft bullets?
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I can show you how and pay you.

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Weapons, you say? I have an idea of some weapons you can help me forge. Though they will be alien to you, I assume.
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Good. Here are the designs.

[Attached: Schematics for an energy crystal weapon.]

Think you can manage?

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I suppose I'd be interested in seeing your abilities. How are you with armor?
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Excellent. I'd like you to start by making me a set of gauntlets.

[Attached: Measurements]

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If you're willing, I wouldn't mind some checking up on my dagger and my two swords. I'll be happy to pay you for services rendered, too.
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I'll be there shortly. Thank you for taking the time to do this for me.
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Hm, would you be able to make a large amount of throwing knives then?
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Oh the design doesn't matter, I just require a large amount of them and quickly.

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I'll bite.

Actually, I could have nice little shopping list... depending on how well you make these things.
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Okay, let's try this to test the waters, then.

A katana.

You know the durability that first guy was talking about? Gonna need something about on that level.

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