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So, back where I come from, err...a version of Earth that is. We have a holiday to celebrate Fathers. And like so many holidays from my world it looks like the Digital World carries this one too.

I was adopted when I was just a kid after an accident took my parents from me. The man who took me in was a brave and brilliant scientist named Steve Dayton. While I'll never forget my first father...I can never repay my second father for all he taught me.

Sure he was stiff at times...most of the time...all the time. And he wasn't very good at playing pretend. And I'm pretty sure if he showed up here today he'd probably ask why I'm in my twenties and still playing with action figures and watching cartoons. But he's a good man. A loving husband and the best dad a guy could ask for.

What about the rest of you. Funny dad stories? Touching dad stories?

...wait...that last part sounded bad. You know what I mean! Inspirational or whatever!

Like this one time I tried on Dad's helmet and we accidentally swapped brains. It was totally wild! We ended up having to use each others superpowers to fight this giant monster. It was alot harder then he made it look to have telekinesis and stuff.
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I suppose, in a way, my father sacrificing his soul to keep me alive after the lab accident that killed my mother and wounded me could be considered touching.
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I'm sorry. My relationship with my biological father is...a little complicated.

I do miss my adoptive father, though. I'm sure she and my mothers are wondering where I've disappeared to.
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My dad's always been very understanding. Things would different if he didn't allow me to make the choices I have.

On that same thought, one of my brothers wouldn't have a workshop that can walk around our home city if Dad had said no. [bit of a laugh] He wants us to be our own people, even if that means a little wackiness.
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There's... a holiday for dads?
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I guess I never really paid much attention to holidays that weren't Japanese...

[Hell, he didn't really pay attention to holidays period.]

... yeah, it is. I probably gave the old man more grief than he deserved...
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I'unno... there's bein' a kid and then there's... me.

[An ungrateful asshole, at least in his mind now.]
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... pain in the ass punk who never listened and got in to fights... and dropped out of school but couldn't keep a job for shit.
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Yeah, I guess. Doesn't change the fact that he's gone, though.
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Yeah... I know that. It's hard to remember sometimes. 'specially when I miss him...
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Arcade? ... you sure you wanna have some one like me around?
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I'unno. Can't say I've been very good about makin' friends here...
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Beastboy... ?

[Man the Digital World has some people with weird names...]

... Okumura Rin.
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Yeah, I guess...

[a beat]

... Rin is my first name.
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'sokay. Not everyone is Japanese... just habit to introduce myself like that.
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I suppose you could say mine gave everything for me...
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My old man's usually busy working so he ain't around a lot. He pretty much lets me do what I want and just complains when I do something stupid and he's gotta patch me up or bail me out.

I like him not hanging over me all the time, but I kinda wish sometimes that he'd be home more. I guess part of it's the whole "losing yourself in your work thing" from after Mom died.
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I don't know anything about my birth parents, not even their faces. But I met Mr. Wick and Mrs. Basil a bit over a year ago, when me and Ruby and Ball visited them to get information on the ruins. We stayed with them for a month before...

[A pause. He will not cry in front of anyone else. He will not.]

They gave me a birthday. They treated us like we were their kids. I'd never had anyone treat me like that before. They're my parents, even if we weren't related by blood. ...I wish I'd been able to call them Mom and Dad while I had the chance.
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...They'd have to show up here. Kujaku from the Zenom Syndicate killed them to get me to come to him. [Will not cry will not cry will not cry...]
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[Attachment: Received.]

...Why are you giving me ice cream?

[Not that he's complaining about getting something for free, but no one ever gives him stuff.]
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[A moment later.]

It's good.
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...Didn't know you could make it out of anything besides milk. Only had it twice before, so I 'unno what it's normally supposed to taste like.

[Well this is certainly distracting him from sadtimes. Success?]
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Well there was this one time I went camping with my Dad and my friends. Yo, my dad totally took on the Jersey De-...this Jersey Bear. Like, ran it right off a cliff with some awesome camping gear and saved me.

My dad can be a bit whack sometimes but I know he loves me and I couldn't ask for a better Dad.
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You totally got that right, dude. Totally right.