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[Accidental Audio]

[The sun is rising over Neon City and Apollo is sitting on the edge of the roof above the Hyperion's main entrance, looking a little down. Suddenly, he starts to sing.]

[It turns out he's a good singer, so long as the virus is around to bring out his natural talent.]

Huh? Why'd I just sing that?
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I believe it would be one of the viruses of this world. They can make you do the strangest of things.
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Re: [Audio]

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It is true. This world can make us do quite a variety of strange things.

You do have a gut singing voice, however.
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Re: [Audio]

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You do. Perhaps you would enjoy a karaoke night with Kats und I. We could all go together.
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Re: [Audio]

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Gut. We will go this weekend.