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[A quiet rattle signals the turning on of this accidental video, and after a tiny bit a shaking something stills the table that the D-Comm is currently sitting on, giving a clear view of a certain blonde noble sitting in a sunny window seat, a book in his hands. He's a bit bandaged up here and there, still recovering from assisting with the Dark Area, though he looks otherwise healthy and well.

His partner, the one who knocked in to the table, comes in to view. He watches Ioder turn a few pages silently before clearing his throat.]


[Ioder doesn't respond, continuing to read.]

... hey. Ioder.


[Ioder still doesn't look up, but at least he responded.]

... people are singing.


People are bursting in to song. Kinda random, don't you think?

Oh. No. I'm aware. I heard some of it when I went to the bakery in Neon this morning...

[Ioder turns another page, looking distinctly disinterested. PawnChessmon gives a hefty sigh of irritation and goes to sit on the edge of the window seat.]

Does nothing phase you, kid?

I don't see what's so strange about singing. Music is an enjoyable past time.

Is bursting in to song at random for no reason normal in your world or something?

No, of course not. [another page]

... geez. Never mind. What're you reading that's so damn interesting anyway?

[And the last page is turned, read, and the book closed with a content sigh before Ioder finally answers.]

A wonderful, but terribly sad story. It's about--

Hey, before you get all... booky on me, could you just give me the short version?

A... short version... ?

[Ioder cants his head to the side a bit, turning his head to look out the window. After a short time, he starts to sing...]Cut for YT video )

[By the second chorus, Ioder is on his feet, singing loudly and passionately with the book still in his hand. The song ends, and there's a stretch of silence as PawnChessmon stares at him, and he stares back with a completely innocent expression.]

... you did that on purpose.

Did I? There is a virus going around.

[Ioder smiles a bit more, and if one were to look closely and quickly enough, they might just catch the hint of mischievousness there. He places the book back on the shelf and walks out of the room, picking up his D-Comm on the way out.]

(ooc: Naturally Ioder's voice isn't as deep as the lead singer's voice, so imagination will have to be used a bit here.)

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