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[Gakupo has seated himself at a piano... somewhere. It's possible that it's Looking Glass, but it's hard to tell from the angle and the lack of decent lighting. There's just one light, in fact, dim and pointed in his general direction, but not in any way to show that it's on purpose at all.

He stares ahead for a minute or so, but says nothing. Eventually his hands come to the keys, and he begins to play and sing.]

Cut for video )

[The song ends as quietly as it started, and from Gakupo only one thing is heard before the feed shuts off.]

Happy birthday, Gumi...
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My sister, Gumi, has returned home...

Fisk, I know you're upset, but it won't do well to sulk at home. I'll be at your apartment as soon as I'm off work. Expect to be dragged out for drinks.

[Gakupo goes to turn to video feed off, but he seems to think of something else.]

[Locked from Haku]

Additionally, Miku Hatsune still seems to be missing and isn't answering her D-Comm. I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to keep this from Haku. I think it's time to expand our search beyond the cities.

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