Jun. 18th, 2012 02:21 am
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Well... Crap. Father's day already and I completely forgot about it.

[Locked to Duo.]

Hey, Duo boy. You wanna go for supper? My dates are all messed up, it seems like. Workin' too much I guess.
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Max-- What!

I was hungry!

You coulda asked first! All-- those were for the customers!

Okay. Right. Clean it up Max. I mean it. And no more snacking. I gotta go make sommore.
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[Hey divers. Have a familiar scene of sand everywhere. It's like it's only been a few months and Sam's right back where he started from. Cold. On a beach. Sand everywhere. Everywhere. He's not getting up, but Gabumon has the D-comm in his claws.]


[Gabumon, or Max as he'd been dubbed, looks into the camera, his nose closing in at the wide angle lens then pointing it at Sam.]

I'm okay. [Sam's staring up a the sky, his arms around him and shivering cold. He sounds terrible, conjested. Pale.]

Issat thing on?

Yep. I turned it on, you see? It's recording like you said.

Okay... Uh. I need some help here. [He coughs into his hands pretty heavily.]

Think I'm at the beach on Axoryi. Is there GPS on this thing?

[He coughs again, grimacing. The phone is clicked off but catches the footage of the phone falling and Max moving over to his side.]

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