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I am Iskandar, the King of Conquerors.

We have all seen Omegamon's announcement. We have also heard from an anonymous source that there are four settlements whose residents we have a chance to save. Simon the Digger is organizing a rescue mission to one of those settlements and many have expressed their intention to join with him. However! Not all who have expressed interest in aiding those settlements have requested to join Simon.

Small squads of two or three acting independently will not be able to succeed in this mission. We must operate in large groups if we are to succeed. Simon the Digger's group will be able to evacuate the residents of one of the settlements. I, Iskandar, intend to evacuate a second settlement. We shall launch simultaneous strikes on the forces defending each settlement, and in the resulting confusion we shall lead the residents to safety! Those who wish to aid me, raise your voices!
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Now that I've settled in some, I realize that there is a large number of people who were friends with my predecessor in some shape or form. And I realize that I can't be exactly like her, however I can certainly try my hardest to keep those bonds going.

If people would like to, I'll be at the Funbari Onsen all day so that we can do face-to-face meetings. Or, if using the D-Comm would be preferrable, I will do my chats over here.

I look forward to continuing these friendships and hope that we can work together as well as we did previously.

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