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[the video opens on the Dark Area capital. Those who know of the Dark Area would instantly realize two things out of the ordinary... namely, that the foreboding clouds are gone, and two, that Omegamon of all digimon is standing freely in the city]

People of the Digital World. I am Royal Knight Omegamon.

You all may have been aware that the Dark Area has been closed off in these recent months. You may have also been aware that the civil war waging here had been replaced by a conflict of a much grander scale.

Let me tell you all, that all is now well, here.

My Virus Busters and I have now conquered the Dark Area. At long last, the war between the righteous and the profane has come to an end.

Now, the purge begins. I call all who sympathize with us to join our noble cause, in wiping those who are tainted by darkness from this world! For soon, we shall spread our light to all corners of this world!

And for those of you who think to harbor these vermin... know that in doing so, you become our enemies as well.

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Feb. 15th, 2012 03:27 pm
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I'm free, at last. My friends are with me, too, at that.

King Bowser, I owe you and your forces a favor. Contact me as you wish.

The same goes to Doctor Wily and associates.

Of course, I would suggest this to DATS...

Watch your backs. The Woolen Spider will hunt you down. Perhaps you will still be granted the mercy of the Truth... Perhaps not.

[Locked to Dr. Finitevus]

My apologies for my... Significant delays.

I presume you remain interested in collaborating?



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