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Well, we've all seen Omegamon's declaration.

And it sucks. For everyone. The worst part is that we can't do anything about it as an organization. The commanders are still trying to determine our official stance here, but I can tell everyone right now that our hands are tied here. We can't stand against Omegamon, and unlike with Ravemon, it is unlikely that we'll be able to muster the support of Area Leaders to stand against him.

The Dark Area's made a lot of enemies, and even if they hadn't, Omegamon leads the foremost army in the digital world. Nobody else even comes close to him. If anyone moves against him, they get erased from history. It's that simple.

I've put out an independent call to arms. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information for them, or for you. The invasion down there caught us off guard, and most of our insiders are dead or in the stockade. To say we're hurting for intelligence is an understatement, and we're forming plans for reconnaissance missions. But as of right now, we are more or less blind down there. The only thing I can say for certain is that the Virus Busters stopped at the Poyi Mountains, and King Bowser Koopa's territory expanded until they met the Virus Busters, and now there seems to be some sort of truce between them.

Whatever the case, there are people out there who are not willing to let this state of affairs stand. If you want to join them, go ahead. I'll personally see to it that your paychecks get accounting errors in your favor.

But if you get caught, you are not operating as DATS members. You will be disavowed. And I can't promise that a rescue will be forthcoming.

If you've got any questions... now's the time to ask them. I'll do my best to fill you in.

But... again... we're hurting for intelligence. I don't HAVE a lot of answers for certain questions.
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As... Entertaining as this virus can be when it happens mostly to other people. It's very...

Annoying this year.

It's not helped by the fact that Miss Asahina is still data-frozen and I can't do much anyway.

[... awkward cough.]

And... Judging by how quiet things are a lot of folks have been hit, or are keeping it to themselves. For once, thank god.

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