Jun. 3rd, 2012

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[the video opens on the Dark Area capital. Those who know of the Dark Area would instantly realize two things out of the ordinary... namely, that the foreboding clouds are gone, and two, that Omegamon of all digimon is standing freely in the city]

People of the Digital World. I am Royal Knight Omegamon.

You all may have been aware that the Dark Area has been closed off in these recent months. You may have also been aware that the civil war waging here had been replaced by a conflict of a much grander scale.

Let me tell you all, that all is now well, here.

My Virus Busters and I have now conquered the Dark Area. At long last, the war between the righteous and the profane has come to an end.

Now, the purge begins. I call all who sympathize with us to join our noble cause, in wiping those who are tainted by darkness from this world! For soon, we shall spread our light to all corners of this world!

And for those of you who think to harbor these vermin... know that in doing so, you become our enemies as well.
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I am sure many of you have seen the declaration that was sent forth earlier today by one of the Area Leaders of this world; Omegamon. He has declared war on all he sees as being aligned with Darkness. He believes himself judge of us all, Tamer and Digimon alike, and will purge us from this world. We cannot simply allow this to stand. We mustn't. If he is seeking to ban together his own forces, we must do the same.

It is time to bolster our numbers. We mustn't allow this threat to grow any stronger than it already is. Watching the responses pour in, I see some possible allies to be made in the upcoming struggle. Possibly even some within DATS itself.
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Sora have you seen this? If these are the kind of people with power here. I am beginning to think this place is more dangerous than I thought.

[Riku is looking a little pale and unsure here.]
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[The video clicks on to show Lancelot standing in Neon City park, his armor on and his sword in hand. He stares at the camera through his helmet and speaks.]

I am seeking those to practice my skills against. However I wish for nothing to be restrained. We fight with real swords, armor, and our power. I need people who wish to test their might against a Knight of the Round Table. With the announcement of the Paladin, I believe now is the time to hone one's skills.

If you believe you are worthy, come to his location. Sir Rorke.

[And on cue, a location marker is attached.]


[Locked to Mordred.]

Your training, I am increasing it. Your partner is one of darkness yet I sense no evil within it. You will train with me days and nights. Any free moment must be spent on this endeavor. Once I am finished here, come find me and we shall train. That is an order.

[Lock ends.]

Come. I await my challengers.



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