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[video dark-yellow text is neemon]

[The video is on Kyon, who happens to be in his living quarters in Sanctity. Looks like he's doing some paperwork of some sort, as he's tapping the table he's sitting at with his pen in an almost absent minded way.

Except when he starts tapping it in a bit more musical way.]

Taararattattattattaratta jan!

[Ah but it looks like Kyon catches himself before he can continue with the song, quickly covering his mouth with his hands. Of course the outburst draws Neemon's attention and the digimon is now in frame, having climbed his way up onto Kyon's shoulder.]

Oooh, it's the song thing again! Maybe you'll actually sing something truthful and heart warming this time? Maybe a love song to Har--

[Well there goes Kyon keeping his hands over his mouth, as he punches Neemon right off his shoulder before sighing.]

You need to stop talking like that, it's not something that is just going to happen... [And another sigh from Kyon and well... before he knows it he's singing.]

It must have been something stronger than anyone, than the wind, than me.
Although it's further away than anyone, than the wind, than me.
That's not all.
That's not all.

Being given an order,
And following unwillingly.
If you're a person that's good at that sort of thing?
It's actually fun.
Just a bit fun.
I wonder if I'll be seen as an accomplice? [A huff from Kyon, and he leans back in his chair a bit as he continues. Either the virus kicked in good, or he doesn't care.]

Do you think an objecting voice will ever reach her?
Think about it, that voice will just get caught in your throat, unable to come out.

The storm passes, and comes back, will it come again?
In downpours, lightning storms and all sorts, she's a human disaster!
That's not all.
That's not all.

[He's stopped singing but the music from nowhere is still going, and now he's talking.]

Training tomorrow, huh?
If I don't do it, what'll happen to me? [A wince, he's got ideas]
That's a lieeeeee!
I want to drink the senburi tea Miss Asahina made! [Neemon is back up on Kyon's shoulder and about to say something... But then Kyon coughs.]
Go to hell, Neemon.
[Looking around, as if that last part wasn't supposed to be said.] Who was that?! Who said that, 'go to hell' just now?!
It's cool, do it again.
When you make a decision to do something, the feeling is unparalleled! You! My...mine?
Eeeh?! This is the outcome of all the things I've been worrying about!

[And... back to singing.]

It's over, at any rate.
It was horrible,
My luck is terrible, she's full of perseverance.
It's truly futile,
Considerably futile.
Do you even understand how difficult my decisions are?

The opinions of common folk are no different from noise to her.
I'd rather become accustomed to happily drinking tea in the scent of dust.

What's next? It's always something more troublesome than I can imagine
Preparing my defenses is useless Don't give up! Start preparing! Be passionate! see things from the eyes of the victim! From their eyes!
That much is enough,
Just that much is enough!

La la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la
I'm already at my limit!

La la la la la
La la la la la
Nothing to be done,
Just waiting for a miracle!

[Kyon seems to be done but then...]

Oh well... that wasn't what I mean to say. [Sigh.] And really long too.

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