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Garfield "Beastboy" or "Changeling" Logan ([personal profile] changelingdude) wrote in [community profile] digital_dive2012-06-25 02:14 pm
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[The following is security cam footage of Beastboy at the front desk of the Hinata Silver Dragon Inn with Isha who's strumming idly on a guitar.]

When did you learn guitar?

I don't know how to play. But since it sounds like that singing virus has come around again I thought I'd see if it would teach me.

A musical experiment?

For science.

[And sure enough as she runs her claws over the guitar it sounds musical. There's a bell ringing and some Digimon wander in.]

Excuse us do you work here?

Of course! Allow me to introduce myself-

[And then singing]

 ... can we check in? We had reservations.

Oh heh heh..y-yeah of course.


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