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second strike | accidental video. very very very accidental.

[ It looks like Captain Aiheap is in ... a clothing store? As the video feed flickers on from an odd angle (her d-comm is in her bag, of course!), it can be seen that Hisuka is looking at herself in a mirror of some sort. Adorning her body is a lovely red dress, and her hair, usually in a ponytail, is down to accommodate for dress-wearing possibilities.

She's trying to see it from every angle ... it's quite a nice dress, isn't it? And it looks good on her. Quite good. She still seems rather unsure about it, though ... she really wasn't one for dresses. And even then, she didn't have anywhere to wear it to. Right. But it was nice to pretend, wasn't it?

... Oh no. Where did that music come from?! ]

[ .... well, that was certainly an occasion to wear a dress for. Hisuka is now thoroughly embarrassed at singing in a store, so she's going to go back into that dressing room and change into her normal clothing and get out of here as quick as possible. the feed flickers out just as she's going back into the dressing room.

feel free to embarrass her more by telling her what a lovely singing voice she has, though! c: ]

( special meta tag: aiherped so hard aiderped

you're welcome, ken. ♥ )

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