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Tsubaki Sadamitsu ⁄ 椿 定光 ([personal profile] readmyback) wrote in [community profile] digital_dive2012-06-27 12:25 am

[Accidental Audio]

In the evening small shadows dance around
I pass through the roads on my way home
That day with you and this kind of scenery
It was brought to me
A treasure for just two of us

The promise that binds my heart
Is important even now
Embracing, someday maybe I will meet you
And then it will be fulfilled that day
As long as I believe, I'll be waiting

I wonder where you could be now
That promise, I wonder if it's still in your heart
The seasons have changed, but it doesn't change that time
I wish that it is you

Even if your face fades, that promise is in my heart
Even now it burns passionately within me
Our hearts are tied together
As long as I believe, I'll be waiting

If I should meet you, that promise
Softly I want to ask to return to the two of us from that day
If so then one more time, let's make another promise
As long as I believe and pray

[Silence that you could hear a pin drop in.]


Sadamitsu. Why did you-

I don't know!

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