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Hatsune Mikuo ([personal profile] tormentopink) wrote in [community profile] digital_dive2012-06-30 01:37 am
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1st data | video

[The video feed switches on and currently shows the surroundings of Neon City. But look, it's Dokunemon who's holding the device right now, and his face is sparkling!]

Guess what?! We're back! Seriously! We're not kidding! See? See! That cool looking guy looks cooler than before! Because previously he's not that cool when first time he stumbled here!

[And that earns Dokunemon a footprint on his face before the second person snatches the device. As the video properly shows a familiar face; Mikuo, he huffs and feels annoyed.]

Damn it, worm.

Sorry for the small ruckus here. I didn't expect I get back to this place again after... months or years? I didn't count. But yeah, here I am again, unknowingly the reason why my fate wants my life to get twisted. I bet some of you guys think I fell from thousand meters height? It didn't happen this time, so quit your worry face. I believe my siblings are still around, huh? So where's my welcome back party?

...Oh, dude. That is so cool.

You still never learn yourself how to shut your mouth up.

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