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[While the commercial plays beautiful images of the Ocean, the Beach, the resort and incredibly happy comfortable looking tamers and mon are being displayed.

You! Yes YOU!

You deserve a Vacation.

I know how it feels. Vacations are expensive. Resort Hotels and beach front property is too crowded at this time of year right?

Well not this week!

As a special gift to you Digital World, we at the Gull Reef Resort and Hotel are dropping out prices to rock bottom for rooms AND we've rented out extra long sections of beach just for this week!

Call in sick if you have to, or just come by for a day! Admission to our sectioned off beach is more then affordable. Just buy two drinks from one of our convenient drink carts! Water. Juice or "Adult Beverages" your choice.

Our spa is one of the most relaxing places in the entire Digital World with trained therapeutic masters ready to bring out your inner beauty and strength!

And we have not one, not two, but FOUR five star restaurants on our property!

And did I mention we've never, not even once had our resort attacked unlike some "Other" hotels in the digital world. *The sound of someone knocking on wood*

So pack your swim suits and head to your nearest lightpost! It's time to make some memories!

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