So what do you lads and lasses do around here for fun when you aren't, you know, fighting battles of epic proportion.
Cause judging by the network it seems like a whole lot of nothing.
Except...that beach whatever is going on.
But that's not my scene.
Skunk at a beach? There's a ripper. And getting that sand out of your fur after? Spare me.
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[Locked to Magical Teashop employees]

Good news everyone!

In my constant bids to take over the world of casual dining and beverages I have acquired a little stand on the beach in Axoryi. It's not as completely put together as my Teashop location already in the area (Shout out to the Axoryi crew, you're doing great) but it's in a prime location to sell overpriced iced beverages, snow cones, noodle dishes and watermelon!

So I need some dedicated volunteers who would like a little extra in their paychecks in exchange for spending the week running this little stand. I expect the stand to open early and stay open late so expect some long hours.

But I promise if not enough people volunteer I'll find a way to make it work so everyone gets some beach time. Not that I'll be working there much, I've got a family to relax with.
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[While the commercial plays beautiful images of the Ocean, the Beach, the resort and incredibly happy comfortable looking tamers and mon are being displayed.

You! Yes YOU!

You deserve a Vacation.

I know how it feels. Vacations are expensive. Resort Hotels and beach front property is too crowded at this time of year right?

Well not this week!

As a special gift to you Digital World, we at the Gull Reef Resort and Hotel are dropping out prices to rock bottom for rooms AND we've rented out extra long sections of beach just for this week!

Call in sick if you have to, or just come by for a day! Admission to our sectioned off beach is more then affordable. Just buy two drinks from one of our convenient drink carts! Water. Juice or "Adult Beverages" your choice.

Our spa is one of the most relaxing places in the entire Digital World with trained therapeutic masters ready to bring out your inner beauty and strength!

And we have not one, not two, but FOUR five star restaurants on our property!

And did I mention we've never, not even once had our resort attacked unlike some "Other" hotels in the digital world. *The sound of someone knocking on wood*

So pack your swim suits and head to your nearest lightpost! It's time to make some memories!
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[Audio, fail locked to the Hyperion and his extended family]

Do ya hear that?

The sea is calling to us! And honestly this summer has been DEAD!

It's this heat man. Neon City is cooking like an oven and even the Hyperion doesn't have enough AC to fight it off.

Exactly! So pack your bags kids we're going to the beach! I found us a nice condo on the ocean!

It's been too long since we had one of these goofy filler episodes anyway.


The King of the Beach has spoken!!!!
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Treinta y ocho [audio]


Did Tetha fall outta the sky and kill you losers, or didja all get yourselves killed or do it yourselves? Cause it looks like the lot of you are dead 'round here.

[locked to Robot Masters and Bowser]

Hey chief, everyone, I got a question.

Where the hell do we get so many brown Mushmon and blue Tentomon?

Because I'm pretty sure these aren't what they normally look like...

[Backdated to early June 16th, Voice/Action]

[Voice, locked to DATS, not anonymized/encrypted]

Due to injuries sustained thanks to a stupid thing a person in the Funburi Onsen did - that person shall go nameless - I need to take tomorrow off. My regeneration should leave me back in order by then.

Lemme make clear, this was the fault of someone in the Onsen. I was in no way, shape, or form anywhere near the Dark Area. Are we clear about that?

[Voice, locked to the Encrypted Anonymous source i.e. Ivan]

Keep me in the loop for the next op, okay?

[Action, Funburi Onsen]

*This is a succubus flopping onto her bed in her room. She hasn't even bothered to take any of her clothes off or shapeshift them away or anything.

Naturally, this is a great chance to bother her!*
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1st data | video

[The video feed switches on and currently shows the surroundings of Neon City. But look, it's Dokunemon who's holding the device right now, and his face is sparkling!]

Guess what?! We're back! Seriously! We're not kidding! See? See! That cool looking guy looks cooler than before! Because previously he's not that cool when first time he stumbled here!

[And that earns Dokunemon a footprint on his face before the second person snatches the device. As the video properly shows a familiar face; Mikuo, he huffs and feels annoyed.]

Damn it, worm.

Sorry for the small ruckus here. I didn't expect I get back to this place again after... months or years? I didn't count. But yeah, here I am again, unknowingly the reason why my fate wants my life to get twisted. I bet some of you guys think I fell from thousand meters height? It didn't happen this time, so quit your worry face. I believe my siblings are still around, huh? So where's my welcome back party?

...Oh, dude. That is so cool.

You still never learn yourself how to shut your mouth up.

One Soul Taken. | [audio]

[ Even though the voice on the other end is trying her hardest to not show any weakness, but with it being colder than she remembers, it's proving to be a bit difficult. ]

I'll spare everyone, that is if there are others around, the usual spiel about people arriving here being all discombobulated about their new surroundings and all that. What I will require, though, is for someone to tell me just where it is I have woken up. Currently, all I can see is snow for miles and very little, if any, signs of civilization.

Secondly - Wallaby, Guardian, Hacker? You guys around?

[ The first and third she knows might be fruitless to ask, especially considering what's gone on so far in her world, however she still can have hope. ]

Assistance of any kind would be greatly appreciated and your time will be paid accordingly. Thank you.
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third flame | accidental audio

[There a footsteps, walking somewhere slowly but without purpose or urgency. Whoever they belong to, it seems they're merely putting one foot in front of the other to move forward, but there's even a bit of reluctant shuffling.

A can is kicked away noisily, deliberately from the person, and shortly after it's bouncing rattles stop, very angry, emotional sounding singing begins.]

Video contains spoilers for Ao no Exorcist )

[The song stops, and Rin doesn't seem to comment or even really notice that it's happened. It's another few steps before there's anything else - this time it the voice of an obvious street thug.]

Hey. Punk. Get the fuck off our territory.

[Rin stops, and he does not sound happy at all. In fact it's probably the angriest he's been since his fight with Kouki.]

... th' fuck you just say to me?

We said get lost, freak!

[The tell tale sound of Rin unsheathing his sword marks the end of the feed.]

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[Accidental Audio]

Yes, that's Sadamitsu's voice actor )

[Silence that you could hear a pin drop in.]


Sadamitsu. Why did you-

I don't know!
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second strike | accidental video. very very very accidental.

[ It looks like Captain Aiheap is in ... a clothing store? As the video feed flickers on from an odd angle (her d-comm is in her bag, of course!), it can be seen that Hisuka is looking at herself in a mirror of some sort. Adorning her body is a lovely red dress, and her hair, usually in a ponytail, is down to accommodate for dress-wearing possibilities.

She's trying to see it from every angle ... it's quite a nice dress, isn't it? And it looks good on her. Quite good. She still seems rather unsure about it, though ... she really wasn't one for dresses. And even then, she didn't have anywhere to wear it to. Right. But it was nice to pretend, wasn't it?

... Oh no. Where did that music come from?! ]

Love on the Rocks )

[ .... well, that was certainly an occasion to wear a dress for. Hisuka is now thoroughly embarrassed at singing in a store, so she's going to go back into that dressing room and change into her normal clothing and get out of here as quick as possible. the feed flickers out just as she's going back into the dressing room.

feel free to embarrass her more by telling her what a lovely singing voice she has, though! c: ]

( special meta tag: aiherped so hard aiderped

you're welcome, ken. ♥ )
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First Scheme [Video]

[The video opens to the MAGI library. Summer students are all crowded in for study time. Well that was the purpose only everyone is chattering and talking. Miles can be seen and he seems very very annoyed. He stands up suddenly to say something but then something happens. He moves off screen and comes back, his clothes completely changed into a costume some from Earth may recognize; including a very different wig now. Yes, Miles is dressed like David Bowie from Labyrinth; wig, tight pants, cod piece, the whole nine yards. And then this happens.]

Miles  )

[When it's over, all his clothes are back to normal except for the wig. It's still the Bowie wig. Wizards, we blame you.]
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Second Round [Audio]

[There is music already playing when the D-Comm clicks on. There's a moment of just hearing the music and the sounds of dancing when the music suddenly stops and something new starts to play. There are murmurs as footsteps found int he audio. Then the rabbit begins to sing.]

Change the 'she' to 'he' in the lyrics and random singers are just Looking Glass patrons who also got infected. )

[The song ends and the club erupts into applause and whooping. Seems they liked the show. If you were there you got to see all of the dancing and awesomeness. Lucky you~]

2nd rockslide : audio

[There's no speaking before this random bout of virused singing. In fact the feed just starts with a few seconds of silence and then... music.]

More video cuts~ )

[When it ends, there's more silence, and then some one finally speaks. But it's not the singer.]

... that was sappy. Who're you singing to?

[There's no answer, save for a slight grunt of pain.]

... ... big pants... ? You... okay... ?


[The D-comm clatters to the floor and turns off]

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second eggplant | video

[Gakupo has seated himself at a piano... somewhere. It's possible that it's Looking Glass, but it's hard to tell from the angle and the lack of decent lighting. There's just one light, in fact, dim and pointed in his general direction, but not in any way to show that it's on purpose at all.

He stares ahead for a minute or so, but says nothing. Eventually his hands come to the keys, and he begins to play and sing.]

Cut for video )

[The song ends as quietly as it started, and from Gakupo only one thing is heard before the feed shuts off.]

Happy birthday, Gumi...
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[The following is security cam footage of Beastboy at the front desk of the Hinata Silver Dragon Inn with Isha who's strumming idly on a guitar.]

When did you learn guitar?

I don't know how to play. But since it sounds like that singing virus has come around again I thought I'd see if it would teach me.

A musical experiment?

For science.

[And sure enough as she runs her claws over the guitar it sounds musical. There's a bell ringing and some Digimon wander in.]

Excuse us do you work here?

Of course! Allow me to introduce myself-

[And then singing] )...

Uh...so can we check in? We had reservations.

Oh heh heh..y-yeah of course.


[video dark-yellow text is neemon]

[The video is on Kyon, who happens to be in his living quarters in Sanctity. Looks like he's doing some paperwork of some sort, as he's tapping the table he's sitting at with his pen in an almost absent minded way.

Except when he starts tapping it in a bit more musical way.]

This got long. Also some lyrics changed to be more Dive accurate! )
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second story | accidental video

[ It's late at night, so there really isn't much to see ... but, if you look long enough, you can see Konoha is awake and out on the balcony of the apartment she shares with his wife and their digimon. Patamon is nearby on the balcony with him, having woken up and noticed that he wasn't in bed.

Konoha can't seem to sleep tonight. It wasn't really that anything was bugging him, no, but more that he just ... couldn't. Thus, he had resorted to staying outside for the time being and cooling himself down, at the least. Maybe eventually he'd feel tired.

And then, words start to come from his mouth. They're soft at first; Patamon's ears perk up, and she looks up at him with a curious expression, straining a little to hear him. She wouldn't have to wait long, however. Konoha starts singing louder, eventually, and it's pretty clear that he's been struck by the virus. ]

Fireflies )

[ As his song finishes, Konoha sighs, then looks to Patamon, who's just as confused now as she had been before. She then giggles, flying up and landing on a blushing Konoha's head. ]

You have a nice voice, Konoha.

[ Konoha offers a sheepish smile, though Patamon probably can't see it herself, then looks back out over the city. ]

Thanks, I guess.

[ If he knew this had recorded, he would be flailing. ]
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(no subject)

I'm starting a pool.

How long until someone sings that "Make a Man" song?

Keep your bets confidential, winner will get the pool at the end of this virus.