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[There is music already playing when the D-Comm clicks on. There's a moment of just hearing the music and the sounds of dancing when the music suddenly stops and something new starts to play. There are murmurs as footsteps found int he audio. Then the rabbit begins to sing.]

Change the 'she' to 'he' in the lyrics and random singers are just Looking Glass patrons who also got infected. )

[The song ends and the club erupts into applause and whooping. Seems they liked the show. If you were there you got to see all of the dancing and awesomeness. Lucky you~]
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[The D-Comm comes on as Lopmon it sitting on a couch and looks fairly worried. She looks back and forth before turning back to the D-Comm.]

Alright. Um...I have a bit of a problem. Well two problems actually. Ki-...I mean Kazma's been acting strange lately. He hasn't been himself up to this week and then this week happened.

[She facepalms with one of her ears.]

He kind of isn't so much a King anymore as a Prince. He's very tiny...and I lost him. If anyone sees a very tiny white bunny with a red vest and blond hair, let me know, okay? Cause I know he isn't in the house. I've looked everywhere. Thanks in advance. I'm going to go see if he's in the backyard. I really hope he's in the back yard.

[She hits a button and the D-Comm turns off.]
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So has anyone heard about the relief effort for the Draco Island survivors? I think we should all contribute... DATS or otherwise.

Anyone have any ideas for things we could do to raise BITs? I mean, we could all just donate a little individually, but a group effort would still be a great idea.

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