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[From a nearby table, the video clicks on to a certain red robot dicing things on a cutting board, and Bebydomon fluttering around the room. Suddenly, the little digimon starts beatboxing and the sound of cutting becomes part of that beat as Quick bobs his head and taps his foot. Spinning the knife once with ease before scrapping the diced food into a pan, he adds words to the music.]

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[Finishing the song, Quick turns to his digimon with a questioning look.]

When'd you learn to do that?

You're just jealous of my bad ass beats!
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I know I've made my feelings known about the differences between fathers and creators, but who says we can't take over this day for the Doc and make it a creator day. He's not here with us today, but it's always been an honor to be a part of his plans and we owe him so much just for building us and then rebuilding us time and time again.

Also, Metal? This doesn't get said often, but thanks for acting as our makeshift leader. It's not an easy job to take and who knows what we'd do without you.

But enough sappiness! I made cake if you guys want to get together for a bit. You too ninjabutt. You might be batshit crazy, but you're still one of us.
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I think I've got the hang of this whole egg thing. Haven't dropped it or anything! [He sounds so proud of this fact too. Him taking care of something and it not going horribly wrong, that is.]

But... [And here he sounds less than confident.] The whole baby digimon thing? Anything I should know?
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It's times like these that I wish I still lived in the desert.

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