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[There's no speaking before this random bout of virused singing. In fact the feed just starts with a few seconds of silence and then... music.]

More video cuts~ )

[When it ends, there's more silence, and then some one finally speaks. But it's not the singer.]

... that was sappy. Who're you singing to?

[There's no answer, save for a slight grunt of pain.]

... ... big pants... ? You... okay... ?


[The D-comm clatters to the floor and turns off]

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[There's a very... interesting looking young man on the network tonight, standing with a Black Guilmon next to him. They're fiddling with the D-Comm, and arguing about it.]

--know what I’m doing, I’m not completely incompetent.

No, just mostly.

Would it kill you be a little nicer to me, Iwa? You’re the one who said we’re partners.

... it’s on.

What? … oh. Uh.

[He steps back a ways, making his odd clothing and large weapon in his hand easier to see. He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.]

My name is Terra. I’m looking for some people. Their names are Aqua and Ventus-- well, Ven. He goes by Ven. They might be in trouble... injured... if they're here, I really need to find them...

Do you always ramble like this?

… [ a sharp sigh ] I need to find them. They might be in trouble. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

[ before any more bickering can be heard, Terra moves closer and shuts the comm off ]



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