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Another year... I should just wait and see what happens...

What are you muttering about, Phasco? ... and why is my D-Comm on?

Well she's gotten more observant at least... [Phasco clears his throat] Don't you know what today is?

... oh! April 1st already? A year passes quickly, doesn't it?


[aaaawkward silence]

... what? What is it? ... why are you staring at me like that?

Wait for it...

[another fairly long silence]

I'm forgetting something again, aren't I?

[This time there's no answer from Phasco. He's just staring at his partner.]

... April 1st. April 1st. Eto... eto eto...


Right on time. This is becoming a bad habit for you, Haku.

Sh-shut up! I have to think of something! I-I'll be back later!

[There's a bit of scrambling, Haku grabbing her D-Comm as she runs out the door. Phasco can be heard sighing and speaking one last time before she gets out the door.]

It's just not an April 1st without Haku flipping her shit...

[User has disconnected]
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[Haku's voice is strained. She's been crying, and while there's still a hint of anger in her voice she sounds more regretful anymore.]

If Honne Dell comes around the Hyperion... don't let him in. In fact... DATS needs to be contacted if he's seen...

He was the one responsible for Yagami Taichi going to the third level of his demon seal. He did it for Teto-chan. He... betrayed his family. He betrayed a lot of people.

I don't want him around my daughter. I don't want him around my husband. I don't want him around my brothers, my sisters...

I don't--

I don't want to do this to him, but he's left me with no choice...

[she goes silent, and there's another minute or so of feed before it clicks off]
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[Haku is up to her usual White Day antics. Well, normally it'd be Valentines Day, but clearly that didn't happen this year thanks to a certain event. That's alright, though! White Day works, too!

So anyone that Haku might know even in passing and isn't, say, hiding from DATS or can't receive attachments for whatever reason will be gifted with a little bag of home made chocolates in various flavors, all of them heart shaped.

Enjoy, Digital World!]
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I'm... I think I'm stuck... on a roof. A-and not in Neon...

... can some one help me get down... ?

... and... find my leg... please...

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