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Ay, it looks like things are getting all serious around here once more. It's unnerving.

[And he mumbles, anyone really listening will hear the words "Ivan you better pay me more if things go south" and some curses but that's about it.]

So... who around here is gonna be stupid enough to go after Lord Crazypants WannabeHero?
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Greetings, Tamers and Digimon alike. My name is Brainiac-5, and I am an agent of DATS.

Recently, there has been the re-surfacing of those that are considered high priority threats. Many of you may have heard of these threats, and as such should know to show caution. However, there are many of you that may not know much regarding them, especially those newly arrived. And even if you have heard of them, you may not know the details regarding what they are capable of.

Tsukasa Kagura and Dark Precure )
Akihiro Kurata )


Thank you for your time.

Be careful, and if you run into any of these individuals or those related to them, please contact DATS immediately.

[ATTACHED: Photos, or in Dark Precure's case, detailed drawings as no one really had time for photographs in that fight, of all hostiles mentioned here, including their Digimon]


Mar. 20th, 2012 08:57 pm
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Ah... It's very. Odd, finding your digimon partner after they've...


A-also! [nervous chuckle] Um... how does one take care of a baby?
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This is Navigator Layer with the Maverick Hunters, broadcasting on all frequencies. Maverick Hunters, please respond.

I am unsure of my present location and require assistance.

Miss, I'm not sure that will work. Your friends might not even be here.

Well I have to try. I repeat, this is Navigator Layer, Maverick Hunters please respond.

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