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Ah, you know this place has gotten a lot better lately.

And I'm not talking about the latest shenanigans going on or whatever. That doesn't really matter, what matters is that something big happened and after double checking and making sure it was right I think it's time to have some fun.

Any of you losers interested?
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I know, technically, trying to smother your digimon partner is considered a bad thing. But well, Neemon.

[And he's not going into the details of what his digimon has been bothering him with since it's something he doesn't care to talk about.]

Also would it be considered insubordination if I hit Daimon for being bothersome?
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I... I was wondering if I could ask everyone a question.

A lot of you have seen a lot of combat, from what I can tell, and... well.

What do you do when you see someone you care about getting... well. Getting badly hurt. Like, think he might die hurt? He didn't, really, but...

I don't know, my being attacked the other day and him coming to help me got me to think about this a lot...
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I take it from the fact that I've awoken to the sterile white of a hospital room, with far too many devices hooked up to me, that we beat Chaosmon?


Apr. 6th, 2012 12:24 am
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[video flickers on, showing the events of this logthis log from this point]


[Shoutmon X2 splitting apart into Shoutmon and Ballistamon - meanwhile, one can see Dorulumon rushing to clash with Gizmon]


Shoutmon! Starmons! DIGI-XROS!

[the Star Sword forms in Shoutmon's hands before he's flung at them by Ballistamon's enlarged arm]

Let's see how you bastards like this! FULL STAR BLADE!

[ooc - The video, unless its interrupted, will continue playing. BUT HEY, guess who's not quiet anymore?

It rhymes with Murata.

Taiki also, as you can expect, will not be replying.

EDIT - Now that it IS over... well, replies.]
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Well... now that that's over and done with.

[It's a woman's voice, a bit gruff sounding and also kind of tired sounding too. Which anyone would be if they had to deal with one Amy Rose.]

Hey uh... Digital World. [She also doesn't sound so sure about addressing a whole lot of folks at once, must be a newbie!] I gotta couple of questions to ask of you, really. Like how to deal with a wild young lady who is way to focused on some... thing incredibly pointless.

Oh... and if there is anyone named Sonic or anyone who knows some girl named Amy, either or would be freakin' great.


Apr. 2nd, 2012 01:56 am
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Alright, this isn't cute!

I get the whole thing about other Digital Worlds. Nothing new, now.

But if one of you other guys needed some help, that's not a problem. As Digimon King it's my responsibility! But you could have at least given us a little warning!

Hmph. I suppose there are better ways of putting it, but this is an ... inconvenient situation.

[there's a sigh from off screen, before the camera turns and focuses on a teenager]

Greetings to whoever is out there. My name's Kudou Taiki, and my friends - Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon, and Beelzebumon - and I ... well, we're not from around here.

I've fought alongside Digimon for a long time, but I know that this definitely isn't our Digital World.

I know that there are alternate Digital Worlds out there, and I've met several people from them. While it might be a long shot, if anyone by the name of Yagami Taichi, Motomiya Daisuke, Matsuda Takato, Kanbara Takuya, Daimon Masaru, or their friends is out there... some kind of explanation would definitely be appreciated. We were pulled here without warning, and with only a part of my team... So we're at a bit of a disadvantage in assessing our situation.

We'd be thankful for any sort of help, though.
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[There's a very... interesting looking young man on the network tonight, standing with a Black Guilmon next to him. They're fiddling with the D-Comm, and arguing about it.]

--know what I’m doing, I’m not completely incompetent.

No, just mostly.

Would it kill you be a little nicer to me, Iwa? You’re the one who said we’re partners.

... it’s on.

What? … oh. Uh.

[He steps back a ways, making his odd clothing and large weapon in his hand easier to see. He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.]

My name is Terra. I’m looking for some people. Their names are Aqua and Ventus-- well, Ven. He goes by Ven. They might be in trouble... injured... if they're here, I really need to find them...

Do you always ramble like this?

… [ a sharp sigh ] I need to find them. They might be in trouble. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

[ before any more bickering can be heard, Terra moves closer and shuts the comm off ]
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Hello, everyone. I've been doing some research and I felt it was a good idea to share some findings with you all.

I'm sure you've all noticed some changes, beyond that of the D-Comm. We all have a seperate digivice, and it seems to vary from person to person. From what I can tell, there at least four "archetypes" of digivice, which those from Witchelny say are called the "Soul", "Matrix," "Spirit, and "Xros Digivices."

I'd like to focus on the latter two, as they are the most starkly different from what we're used to. The Spirit Digivice seems to be based on the methods used by several individuals from a certain world, that were once present here before being sent home. From what they told us, they were able to use items called "Spirits" to evolve into digimon, rather than have a digimon partner. In this case, Yggdrasil has seemed to have replicated this method, and given two spirits to Tamers that have a Spirit Digivice.

The next is... rather interesting. The "Xros Digivice" seems to activate a process similar to evolution, except... well, the digimon are not actually evolving. Rather, they are uniting and becoming stronger. However, unlike Jogress, where two digimon become a single being, with this method of advancement, a single digimon seems to act as the core of the combination. Details are sketchy, but it seems as they grow in strength, the number of possible combinations will increase. Furthermore, Tamers with this sort of digivice seem to have more than one "partner", as it were. It seems they've all had their strength limited to the Adult level, however.

For those Tamers with a Soul Digivice, not much seems to have changed, besides a need to insert digi-soul to evolve our digimon. As for those with a Matrix digivice, from what I can tell, their focus is now on playing a support role through the use of supplied "option cards" and greater defensive options.

That is... all the general information I can provide. I only hope this has been of some use to everyone.
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-awnChessmon, where are we?


Well, obviously, but where specifically? One minute we were at headquarters, and now...

..... Hey, wait, what's this? It looks almost like a cellphone...
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There are times when it's definitely good to be bad.

Having an evil empire that can enact your every whim while you're frozen is definitely one of them.


While all of you good guys were busy saving the world... I was busy taking over a small part of it.

With minimal bloodshed, I might add. The best takeovers are the ones that go smoothly.

Anyway, thank you, DATS. I couldn't have done this if my new territory had been deleted like Draco Island was.

Now, the end-of-level bonus points.


The Koopa Troop has openings, and a lot more living space that we can fill up. Pay's a little light as we're expanding, but we offer dental, vision, and general health insurance. We've got plenty of entry level positions, and a few officer slots too.

If you're interested, let me know!

Also, anyone from DATS, or the cops, or anyone else who wants in to spy? Go ahead. I can still use traitors. A couple just left and it only cost me a little cash, and a little heightened guard duty. I got more than I lost out of that group, just like I'll get more than I lose out of any of you.

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Feb. 15th, 2012 03:27 pm
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[The camera comes on to show... nothing. Sadamitsu is talking.]

-get back here?

I do not know. I have no memory of our return.

Whatever. I gotta check on-

[There's the sound of Junk opening up and a hallway of the Hyperion fades into view. The D-Comm drops to the floor, flipping over to show Sadamitsu stagger and drop Junk. Blood's running down his face and is soaking through his clothes in places. He wobbles once and collapses unconscious on the floor. Junk's voice comes through the D-Comm.]

"Medical emergency in the Hyperion, second floor corridor. Medical emergency in the Hyperion, second floor corridor."



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