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Ah, you know this place has gotten a lot better lately.

And I'm not talking about the latest shenanigans going on or whatever. That doesn't really matter, what matters is that something big happened and after double checking and making sure it was right I think it's time to have some fun.

Any of you losers interested?


Apr. 6th, 2012 12:24 am
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[video flickers on, showing the events of this logthis log from this point]


[Shoutmon X2 splitting apart into Shoutmon and Ballistamon - meanwhile, one can see Dorulumon rushing to clash with Gizmon]


Shoutmon! Starmons! DIGI-XROS!

[the Star Sword forms in Shoutmon's hands before he's flung at them by Ballistamon's enlarged arm]

Let's see how you bastards like this! FULL STAR BLADE!

[ooc - The video, unless its interrupted, will continue playing. BUT HEY, guess who's not quiet anymore?

It rhymes with Murata.

Taiki also, as you can expect, will not be replying.

EDIT - Now that it IS over... well, replies.]


Apr. 2nd, 2012 01:56 am
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Alright, this isn't cute!

I get the whole thing about other Digital Worlds. Nothing new, now.

But if one of you other guys needed some help, that's not a problem. As Digimon King it's my responsibility! But you could have at least given us a little warning!

Hmph. I suppose there are better ways of putting it, but this is an ... inconvenient situation.

[there's a sigh from off screen, before the camera turns and focuses on a teenager]

Greetings to whoever is out there. My name's Kudou Taiki, and my friends - Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon, and Beelzebumon - and I ... well, we're not from around here.

I've fought alongside Digimon for a long time, but I know that this definitely isn't our Digital World.

I know that there are alternate Digital Worlds out there, and I've met several people from them. While it might be a long shot, if anyone by the name of Yagami Taichi, Motomiya Daisuke, Matsuda Takato, Kanbara Takuya, Daimon Masaru, or their friends is out there... some kind of explanation would definitely be appreciated. We were pulled here without warning, and with only a part of my team... So we're at a bit of a disadvantage in assessing our situation.

We'd be thankful for any sort of help, though.
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Crap. Optimus got sent back home. Which means we're down another damned Heavy. Gonna have to work on that here, soon.

BUT HEY. I'm back on my feet! Feelin' good as new. More or less.

Gonna have to bust my ass for a bit here; bein' laid up all this time's made me feel friggin' lazy.
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[the voice that comes through sounds weak and drained]

Hello, everyone...

It seems like I've been out of it for awhile...

...even longer than some of you already have been, it'd seem.

Sorry if I worried anyone... I'll be laid up for a little while longer, according to the doctors.


Feb. 22nd, 2012 06:40 pm
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My freaking HEAD.

I feel like I've been out for a WEEK.




Guess I have.


Feb. 19th, 2012 05:13 pm
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I'm in a tree.

I'm upside down, I'm in a tree, and Palmon is Palmon instead of VictoryGreymon.

What the hell.

There were no trees.

There was no ANYTHING.
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This is Nanami.

I've found Kimiko, as well as a Adelle fon Fabre. Additionally, they had discovered the injured Daimon Masaru and his partner, who is currently in the form of a Koromon.

All are being led to safety at present, but Masaru is in need of medical attention as soon as we hit Sanctity.


Feb. 17th, 2012 12:52 am
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-esting, testing...


Okay. There we go.

If anyone can hear this, where the hell am I?!

[ooc - Miki here is not the Miki anyone would have known. Namely, she is rebooted from the previous version played since ... well, forever. All she knows is up to the end of Savers, Yggdrasil going boom, and Masaru taking a hike into the Digital World. COMMENCE CONFUSION.]

o1 | video

Feb. 15th, 2012 09:50 pm
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--So then this button I just pressed should let us post with video, right?

-- It should. Try pressing it to see if it works. I should be able to check mine to see if it post video.

I just pressed it. Is it on? [ her eyes are coming closer to the video feed ... and then away. ] I think it's on.

[Takeru laughs a bit.] Yeah, it's on.

So, uh ... wow, this thing got complicated, didn't it? [ laughing a little, sheepishly. ] Um ... maybe I should see if I can find Masaru-niichan ... Excuse me! Digital World! I'm looking for Daimon Masaru! And anyone else who I know and love and who I would love to know is safe. [ looks to Takeru ] Anyone you want to shout out to?

[Takeru smiled.] Yeah, there is. [He moves a bit closer to Chika.] If anyone knows how Noguchi Yuka, Takenouchi Sora, Suzumiya Haruhi, or Yagami Taichi are doing or where they are, please let us know!

And Mama, Daddy, once again, Takeru-kun and I are all right and in Asuka! [ looks back to Takeru ] Is that it? I think that's it ...

Almost. Anyone else in the DATS General Division, send a message to my D-Comm to let me know where you are. [He smiles.] Okay, now that's it.

Okay. I guess now we just wait for responses or something? [ she looks fidgety ] .... I was never any good at waiting.

[Takeru just laughs, before pulling her over into a hug.] Don't worry, we'll get an answer soon enough.

[ laughs a little and moves a bit closer to him ] I guess.

( ooc: joint comm post between Chika and Takeru! Responses will come from both [personal profile] piyomonpinked and [personal profile] crestofhope. )

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