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May. 11th, 2012 11:07 pm
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Does anybody want to get together and form a study group for finals?
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...I realize this may seem like a foolish sort of question, but...

What does someone who knows only combat do for work?

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Feb. 29th, 2012 07:08 pm
bag_has_snapped: (Tsubomi - dotdotdot)
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--hat it? Is it working?

I think so-desu! There's a little light there, so...

E-Everything's okay, right?

Shhh! Not now!

U-Um, hello? Can anyone hear me? My name's Tsubomi Hanasaki and... it looks like I am certainly not in Kibogahana anymore. Actually, it looks like a little town of sorts... Can someone tell me where I am and... well, how I can get back? My parents are going to worry silly... and so's Erika. And Itsuki. And Yuri.


How do I stop it?

Try this button right here-desu!

[And, as it switches to video, you can see the glasses-wearing, maroon-colored girl fiddling with the device, a strange white and cyan creature and a Lalamon peeking out.]

Oh, no, that's video! Try the other one!

This one?


[And the video cuts out.]

[OoC: Normal = Tsubomi, Bold = Chypre, Italics = Lalamon]
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[ Hisuka is rubbing her temples in what seems to be a bit of frustration. ]

Captain Hisuka Aiheap, reporting in. I'm all right.

[ she then turns her D-Comm upwards, to a very, very tall tree. one that would be rather suicidal to climb by oneself. on one of the longer branches of the tree, way high up, a Kamemon is hanging on for dear life. he seems to have quite the strong hold on the branch, which makes him safe for the time being. still. awk~waaaaard. ]

My partner, however ... could be better. A little help would be nice.

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