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So has anyone heard about the relief effort for the Draco Island survivors? I think we should all contribute... DATS or otherwise.

Anyone have any ideas for things we could do to raise BITs? I mean, we could all just donate a little individually, but a group effort would still be a great idea.
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I know, technically, trying to smother your digimon partner is considered a bad thing. But well, Neemon.

[And he's not going into the details of what his digimon has been bothering him with since it's something he doesn't care to talk about.]

Also would it be considered insubordination if I hit Daimon for being bothersome?


Apr. 17th, 2012 10:32 am
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[sound of two individuals - in this case, Marvelous and Machalcon - pigging out]

Marvelous! You know, it's not good to be eating out and ordering take out all the time!

[just ... more eating]

And Machalcon's just getting used to this body! He doesn't know any better!


You should really get someone to cook-

[Marvelous speaking between bites] No Doc. No Gai. No cook.


[om nom nom]

Not to mention expensive... Luka's going to be mad when she-

Any better ideas?

...not really...


[eating resumes]


[ooc - Marvelous = Normal
Navi = Italics
Machalcon = Bold, if he wasn't stuffing his face.]
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[voice begins speaking, reading aloud from something]

Exerpts taken from ''The Most Dangerous Game'' )



Heheheehe... quite an interesting passage, is it not?

[audio clicks off]
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I'm very glad to say I've finally been given a clean bill of health and let go from the DATS Medical Ward.

I've got an awful lot to catch up on, now!

However, I wanted to thank those out there who helped in battling Chaosmon, both those on the island and those who rallied around Vice-Commander Ivan's call to arms. It was very much appreciated.

Do take some time to remember, and appreciate, that we standing here are fortunate. Our homes were restored, and we're still able to continue forward. Many on Draco Island cannot say the same, and never will again.

We would also not be standing here were it not for sacrifice of Meta Knight. Those on the Halberd have always been steadfast allies in our battles, and his is thus a painful loss for us all.

Thank you all, again.

[DATS Lock]

And thank you, Ivan-san, for covering my duties these past couple months.

Has there been anything besides the obvious events that others have covered openly I need to be aware of?

Once I get everything sorted out, getting to spend some time with my daughter when I'm not laid up in a hospital bed, assessing all of the new Tamer class specifications... DATS can expect a brand new round of training courses to cover all of these recent changes, as well!



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