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So has anyone heard about the relief effort for the Draco Island survivors? I think we should all contribute... DATS or otherwise.

Anyone have any ideas for things we could do to raise BITs? I mean, we could all just donate a little individually, but a group effort would still be a great idea.
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I take it from the fact that I've awoken to the sterile white of a hospital room, with far too many devices hooked up to me, that we beat Chaosmon?
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To anyone I may have worried during the past month and a half, I apologize. I was out of commission for quite some time due to the events involving Chaosmon, unfortunately.

I'm feeling much, much better now, though! Duo, I should be returning back to work within the next few days. Did we want to talk and set up an official date for my return to the teashop?

For anyone I don't know, hello! It's lovely to meet you! My name is Estellise Sidos Heu-- [ she pauses there, then blushes and laughs a little. ]

I-I'm sorry, I'm still getting used to the name change. I'm Estellise Lowell. Simply Estelle is fine, though. I know my name can be quite a mouthful, even with less of it to say now.

[ she sits back and smiles at the video feed. ]

I look forward to meeting anyone new or not-so-new to this world, and seeing those of you I've met before once again! It's so good to be up and doing things again!
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Greetings, Tamers and Digimon alike. My name is Brainiac-5, and I am an agent of DATS.

Recently, there has been the re-surfacing of those that are considered high priority threats. Many of you may have heard of these threats, and as such should know to show caution. However, there are many of you that may not know much regarding them, especially those newly arrived. And even if you have heard of them, you may not know the details regarding what they are capable of.

Tsukasa Kagura and Dark Precure )
Akihiro Kurata )


Thank you for your time.

Be careful, and if you run into any of these individuals or those related to them, please contact DATS immediately.

[ATTACHED: Photos, or in Dark Precure's case, detailed drawings as no one really had time for photographs in that fight, of all hostiles mentioned here, including their Digimon]

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