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Ah, you know this place has gotten a lot better lately.

And I'm not talking about the latest shenanigans going on or whatever. That doesn't really matter, what matters is that something big happened and after double checking and making sure it was right I think it's time to have some fun.

Any of you losers interested?
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Well hello there, my singing, dancing robot friends.

Have you noticed something missing ever since the end of the world?

Oh, and let's be get one thing out of the way right now... If news of this leaves the extended family? The offer I'm about to make will go off the table, out the window, and some place FAR less polite than this.
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Ahhh, I really love the view from the top of the hotel.

Never gets old huh?


Kinda makes you wanna-

Break into song?

...I was gonna say refresh my drink.

I love the city,
I love the Neon Lights.
I love big cities,
I love the busy nights!

I love the Digital World, and all it's sights and sounds!

Boom De Yada Boom De Yada Boom De yada Boom De Yada!


Mar. 10th, 2012 01:18 pm
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So, we all know that everybody was supposedly data frozen for a week after Chaosmon got his ass kicked, right? Right, right...

...MY question is...

How many of you were abducted and experimented upon by Digital Aliens without your knowledge?!

We were all ripe for the picking! They could have picked us up and set us back down without anyone knowing!

After all, the non-partner Digimon got reset before we did! There's no telling what the case was for creatures from beyond!
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I am looking for assistance in finding my brother. His name is Rin Okumura and he looks like this.

[Attached: This photo]

His partner and him were separated when everyone was shuffled around and Ty has his D-Comm. Please, if you see him contact me. Thank you.

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