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second story | accidental video

[ It's late at night, so there really isn't much to see ... but, if you look long enough, you can see Konoha is awake and out on the balcony of the apartment she shares with his wife and their digimon. Patamon is nearby on the balcony with him, having woken up and noticed that he wasn't in bed.

Konoha can't seem to sleep tonight. It wasn't really that anything was bugging him, no, but more that he just ... couldn't. Thus, he had resorted to staying outside for the time being and cooling himself down, at the least. Maybe eventually he'd feel tired.

And then, words start to come from his mouth. They're soft at first; Patamon's ears perk up, and she looks up at him with a curious expression, straining a little to hear him. She wouldn't have to wait long, however. Konoha starts singing louder, eventually, and it's pretty clear that he's been struck by the virus. ]

[ As his song finishes, Konoha sighs, then looks to Patamon, who's just as confused now as she had been before. She then giggles, flying up and landing on a blushing Konoha's head. ]

You have a nice voice, Konoha.

[ Konoha offers a sheepish smile, though Patamon probably can't see it herself, then looks back out over the city. ]

Thanks, I guess.

[ If he knew this had recorded, he would be flailing. ]