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First Scheme [Video]

[The video opens to the MAGI library. Summer students are all crowded in for study time. Well that was the purpose only everyone is chattering and talking. Miles can be seen and he seems very very annoyed. He stands up suddenly to say something but then something happens. He moves off screen and comes back, his clothes completely changed into a costume some from Earth may recognize; including a very different wig now. Yes, Miles is dressed like David Bowie from Labyrinth; wig, tight pants, cod piece, the whole nine yards. And then this happens.]

[When it's over, all his clothes are back to normal except for the wig. It's still the Bowie wig. Wizards, we blame you.]
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... Somehow, I suspect I'm at least partially to blame for this...
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Ah, but this world works in mysterious ways. Given your new ties to magical power, it seemed somewhat inevitable.

I'm just waiting for someone to break out in either Steve Miller, or the Police.
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With a couple of very popular magic-themed songs, yes.
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*Two tables down, a certain lab assistant is glaring oh so hard at Miles right now.*

Stupid viruses...
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Re: Action

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I'm fully aware. This is just... Exceptionally annoying. Anytime, anywhere.
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Re: Action

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For once, we're in full agreement on something.