have_hat_will_travel: (Sigh)
Pidonus Marasia ([personal profile] have_hat_will_travel) wrote in [community profile] digital_dive2012-07-02 02:49 pm

[Backdated to early June 16th, Voice/Action]

[Voice, locked to DATS, not anonymized/encrypted]

Due to injuries sustained thanks to a stupid thing a person in the Funburi Onsen did - that person shall go nameless - I need to take tomorrow off. My regeneration should leave me back in order by then.

Lemme make clear, this was the fault of someone in the Onsen. I was in no way, shape, or form anywhere near the Dark Area. Are we clear about that?

[Voice, locked to the Encrypted Anonymous source i.e. Ivan]

Keep me in the loop for the next op, okay?

[Action, Funburi Onsen]

*This is a succubus flopping onto her bed in her room. She hasn't even bothered to take any of her clothes off or shapeshift them away or anything.

Naturally, this is a great chance to bother her!*

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