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[Backdated to early June 16th, Voice/Action]

[Voice, locked to DATS, not anonymized/encrypted]

Due to injuries sustained thanks to a stupid thing a person in the Funburi Onsen did - that person shall go nameless - I need to take tomorrow off. My regeneration should leave me back in order by then.

Lemme make clear, this was the fault of someone in the Onsen. I was in no way, shape, or form anywhere near the Dark Area. Are we clear about that?

[Voice, locked to the Encrypted Anonymous source i.e. Ivan]

Keep me in the loop for the next op, okay?

[Action, Funburi Onsen]

*This is a succubus flopping onto her bed in her room. She hasn't even bothered to take any of her clothes off or shapeshift them away or anything.

Naturally, this is a great chance to bother her!*
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[A knock on her door]

Late night?
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*slides open the door and closes it behind her*

Remind me again why you had to rush out there and risk your life? After all this world kinda was your second chance at having one. It would be a waste to die now.
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*Sighs and sets on the bed, a clink as she sets a tray with juice and some cookies*

All these years of being alive and you're still kind of dumb. *teasing*
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What'd you expect? I'm only a part time hero. When it comes to global threats I'd prefer to leave it to people without children to worry about.

But that doesn't mean you.
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I know I know.

*waves dismissively*

I'm talking into air really because even though I say this crap and I get frustrated every time one of you does something stupidly heroic I know it's still technically the right thing to do. I just can't get used to morality over logic even after these last couple years.
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...maybe you're talking to the wrong person because strictly speaking? I loooove when I can read and manipulate what people want to get what I want. It makes me feel clever.
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Naturally. But remember I chose the whole evil path for awhile.

In fact, I'm still not entirely sure how you became you know...this.

[vaguely gestures at Pid to represent her state as a succubus.]

I know there was an evil queen sort of boss lady that turned you that way and as an added bonus took away your free will. But that's about it.
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If not Hoshi someone would have helped you figure it out.

Still, living in denial isn't exactly healthy either.
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Sure you can survive, but without chasing after something you desire and indulging every now and again can you really call it living?
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[Takes a moment to study the wounds.]

Yep. You're a masochist. Can't blame that on your species.
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[A look of temporary surprise, then hugs her back. Honestly a little amazed her words actually seemed to have an effect this time]
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[Makes a startled little noise but allows this as well laughing slightly]

Well I don't know if this is exactly what I meant but it's a good start.
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Now you're finally talking sense.

But if we get caught I'm totally blaming you. *wink*
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[Laughs out loud]

I brought you juice not espresso. So I guess cuddling will have to do.
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[Smiles into the kiss]

I like taking care of you more then Hoshi. That idiot never could slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of resting and healing.
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That's one word for it.

[Hear that? That's the tone of voice Jinx uses to express she does NOT want to think about Hoshi when she's having a peaceful cuddle. It's her own fault for bringing it up]
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[It's easy enough to get comfortable with Jinx, she's all slender and smooth~]
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[Rubs her back gentle and comfortingly, not willing to break the spell by speaking]