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[locked to Robot Masters and Bowser]

Hey chief, everyone, I got a question.

Where the hell do we get so many brown Mushmon and blue Tentomon?

Because I'm pretty sure these aren't what they normally look like...
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... They don't, really?
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Huh... maybe it's paint? Want me to poke one to find out?
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They're all from a hidden underground world that's gone untouched and produced different kinds of digimon than what is normally seen above ground. Sadly, all this changed was their coloring so no one pays them any mind.
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See, I had a nice reasonable answer all thought out...

But I like Quick's answer more, so let's go with that one.
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Oh no, all this crazy is my own, I assure you~
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Nah, that's a PSX era mechanic. I never had anything that complex back when all of us were terrorizing our worlds...

But seriously. Dress codes, slide evolutions, plot coupons, and plenty of behind the scenes manipulation.

You can deviate from the dress code for your elites if you want.
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Then maybe you should start drawing one.

Isn't that how one of those heroes got their partner?