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So what do you lads and lasses do around here for fun when you aren't, you know, fighting battles of epic proportion.
Cause judging by the network it seems like a whole lot of nothing.
Except...that beach whatever is going on.
But that's not my scene.
Skunk at a beach? There's a ripper. And getting that sand out of your fur after? Spare me.
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Not a fan of the sun and the surf huh? Well I'm always a big fan of Comic books and video games whenever crime cuts down and I got nothin' to do.

What are you talking about? You always have something to do now that business has picked up. Speaking off the Hotsprings needs scrubbing.

Aw man. Not cool.
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Dude, you have no idea.

Still responsibilities and all that.
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Girls right?

Anyway what did you used to do back home when you got bored? I'm sure there's something like it around here.
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Oh I get it. So you're one of those dudes who was married to his job?
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You a music lover?
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There's loads of music happening in Neon City. Concerts, karaoke, dance clubs and stuff.
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It helps me pass the time.
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Yeah. I'm Kim

I play drums.
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I do what I like.

What do you do?
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Kill annoying things.
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I do not know, nor care about, who you are.
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Good for you.

Why the desire for knowing what others do for fun?
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You could do that on your own, you know.
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They don't seem to be giving many good ones.
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You don't sound like the "club" type.
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Even if it involves loud annoying things?
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Possibly, but most folks do not enjoy constant loud noises.