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third flame | accidental audio

[There a footsteps, walking somewhere slowly but without purpose or urgency. Whoever they belong to, it seems they're merely putting one foot in front of the other to move forward, but there's even a bit of reluctant shuffling.

A can is kicked away noisily, deliberately from the person, and shortly after it's bouncing rattles stop, very angry, emotional sounding singing begins.]

[The song stops, and Rin doesn't seem to comment or even really notice that it's happened. It's another few steps before there's anything else - this time it the voice of an obvious street thug.]

Hey. Punk. Get the fuck off our territory.

[Rin stops, and he does not sound happy at all. In fact it's probably the angriest he's been since his fight with Kouki.]

... th' fuck you just say to me?

We said get lost, freak!

[The tell tale sound of Rin unsheathing his sword marks the end of the feed.]

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We'll find him. Where was it you lost him?