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[There a footsteps, walking somewhere slowly but without purpose or urgency. Whoever they belong to, it seems they're merely putting one foot in front of the other to move forward, but there's even a bit of reluctant shuffling.

A can is kicked away noisily, deliberately from the person, and shortly after it's bouncing rattles stop, very angry, emotional sounding singing begins.]

Video contains spoilers for Ao no Exorcist )

[The song stops, and Rin doesn't seem to comment or even really notice that it's happened. It's another few steps before there's anything else - this time it the voice of an obvious street thug.]

Hey. Punk. Get the fuck off our territory.

[Rin stops, and he does not sound happy at all. In fact it's probably the angriest he's been since his fight with Kouki.]

... th' fuck you just say to me?

We said get lost, freak!

[The tell tale sound of Rin unsheathing his sword marks the end of the feed.]

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[Some one is very busy in the big Hyperion kitchen today. There's a radio playing in the background, a lot of stuff already made and even more started and cooking. It all looks very delicious, and if smells could come through the D-Comm it would be guaranteed people's mouths would be watering.

The one responsible for all of it is at the sink in an apron and casual clothes, back to his D-Comm as he runs water over something and his tail swishing back and forth in time with the music.

His partner climbs up on to the island counter where the finished food is laid out, picking up something with her claws and giving it a sniff before nibbling on it.]

Mmm... what's all this, Rin?


[Rin perks up, looking over his shoulder with a proud grin.]

Oh, Watanuki-san wants the bakery to participate in the food festival on Tetha, so he put me in charge of figuring out other food to serve!

[He's obviously pleased with this development. Watanuki was pretty uncertain about him at first, but Rin proved himself through his cooking. It's the first job he's managed to keep longer than a couple of weeks, and getting that kind of responsibility has obviously improved his demeanor.

Ty seems to take notice of this.]

He's giving you a lot of responsibility for being so new. [she smiles] I'm really proud of you.

Heheh... [Rin grins with that, rubbing the back of his neck] Well... he thinks I've got potential. That's good, right?

Of course! I-- ... Rin I think something is burning.

[Sure enough, there's a bit of smoke curling above Rin's head. He looks up at it, then over at the oven off screen.]


[he bolts away, and there's a bit of clanking and noise before the feed shuts off finally.]
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[Ty fidgets worriedly, looking around. She's in the Hyperion, but the last thing she remembers is being in the Chaosmon battle with Rin, Ratchet and Ratchet's partner.]

Has... anyone seen Rin Okumura or Ratchet? I was with them in the battle that was going on before... we... were datafrozen I guess... but now I can't find either of them.

... and I have Rin's D-Comm...

[she holds it up in her paws, worry only increasing on her features. She knows Yukio is going to flip the moment he hears this.]

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