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[The video is on Kyon, who happens to be in his living quarters in Sanctity. Looks like he's doing some paperwork of some sort, as he's tapping the table he's sitting at with his pen in an almost absent minded way.

Except when he starts tapping it in a bit more musical way.]

This got long. Also some lyrics changed to be more Dive accurate! )
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I have a bit of an odd question for everyone. [Srs Kyon face, but considering his question should he really be that serious?]

... Now with this virus making folks ah. Smaller then usual, it's been mostly tamers that have been effect, yes? Because I haven't seen my digimon partner since all this insanity started.

[Hey, he warned people his job here is done.]
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I know, technically, trying to smother your digimon partner is considered a bad thing. But well, Neemon.

[And he's not going into the details of what his digimon has been bothering him with since it's something he doesn't care to talk about.]

Also would it be considered insubordination if I hit Daimon for being bothersome?


Mar. 23rd, 2012 11:28 pm
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[S'up digital world? Neemon is bored, and since Kyon can't do much due to having stitches and stuff? Neemon is gonna ask y'all a question.]

Soooo, that love thing went around last week, yeah?

How many of you lucky bastards spent the whole time having sex?
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As... Entertaining as this virus can be when it happens mostly to other people. It's very...

Annoying this year.

It's not helped by the fact that Miss Asahina is still data-frozen and I can't do much anyway.

[... awkward cough.]

And... Judging by how quiet things are a lot of folks have been hit, or are keeping it to themselves. For once, thank god.
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Morning -static-!

[the video is, for the moment, of the ceiling of the DATS medical wing. the exact ceiling of the room that Kyon has been in for the time since 15th till well... now.

Of course it's going to go all shakey cam as Neemon is seen on screen briefly as the digimon tosses it over to the now awake Kyon.

And it ends up camera down on the bed, so enjoy some blackness before it actually gets picked up by Kyon. He looks... better, tired as hell but at least he's not dead!]

Uh... Hey? [he sounds a little out of it] Just... what happened?

[Because he knows to not ask Neemon, he knows.]

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