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-ust wouldn't stop leaking. Eventually EVE figured out what was wrong though and it should be marked down on the work orders.

Okay, thanks. Is Daira doing any better Dart?

Some...he's a tough kid. Its just been a stressful few months.

I can only imagine. Well you know Suoh and I are more than willing to help if you need it.

Thanks, I'm sure we'll take you up on the offer sooner or later.

No problem. If you need a shift covered, I've helped Rei out a little since getting here. I'm not any where as good at Duo at mechanics but I have some experience.

Yeah, I'll keep that in mind and let Haku know. Oh, I've actually got to get going.

Alright, I'll see you later.

[Sound of papers shuffling and a door closing.]

Oh...when did this turn on?



Apr. 6th, 2012 12:24 am
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[video flickers on, showing the events of this logthis log from this point]


[Shoutmon X2 splitting apart into Shoutmon and Ballistamon - meanwhile, one can see Dorulumon rushing to clash with Gizmon]


Shoutmon! Starmons! DIGI-XROS!

[the Star Sword forms in Shoutmon's hands before he's flung at them by Ballistamon's enlarged arm]

Let's see how you bastards like this! FULL STAR BLADE!

[ooc - The video, unless its interrupted, will continue playing. BUT HEY, guess who's not quiet anymore?

It rhymes with Murata.

Taiki also, as you can expect, will not be replying.

EDIT - Now that it IS over... well, replies.]
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Oh finally. Someone's awake.

Hayate...? [Riza sounds confused.] What...? Where we just..?

How the hell would I know? At least it's not the swamp still.

..I see. [Riza just sighs before adressing the d-comm.] Information on what happened and the state of the digital world would be most appreciated. Along with the location of Elicia and General Mustang. That man better not have gotten himself injured. 

Oh and why the hell I'm a Gazimon again! One minute I'm a Beelzebumon kicking arse and talking names, the next back to this lame form. What gives!

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There are times when it's definitely good to be bad.

Having an evil empire that can enact your every whim while you're frozen is definitely one of them.


While all of you good guys were busy saving the world... I was busy taking over a small part of it.

With minimal bloodshed, I might add. The best takeovers are the ones that go smoothly.

Anyway, thank you, DATS. I couldn't have done this if my new territory had been deleted like Draco Island was.

Now, the end-of-level bonus points.


The Koopa Troop has openings, and a lot more living space that we can fill up. Pay's a little light as we're expanding, but we offer dental, vision, and general health insurance. We've got plenty of entry level positions, and a few officer slots too.

If you're interested, let me know!

Also, anyone from DATS, or the cops, or anyone else who wants in to spy? Go ahead. I can still use traitors. A couple just left and it only cost me a little cash, and a little heightened guard duty. I got more than I lost out of that group, just like I'll get more than I lose out of any of you.

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